New car information Odyssey may launch a new model benchmarking Toyota ELFA

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new car information odyssey launch

In recent days, , According to overseas media , Honda's Odyssey model is planned to be launched this year 12 In June, the pure fuel model was discontinued in Japan , and 2.0L Hybrid models may continue to be sold . More Than This , Honda plans or will launch a brand-new car with a higher positioning than Honda Odyssey MPV models , The new car is larger than the current Odyssey model 、 More luxurious . We can think of it as a competitor of Toyota ELFA . If a new car goes on sale , Will be sold together with ordinary Odyssey models , Further war MPV market .

meanwhile , Overseas media also broke out the rendering of the new model , As you can see from the picture , The front face of the car is equipped with a multi banner air inlet grille , New layering on both sides LED Headlamp unit , Not vulgar in momentum . The body side is equipped with multi spoke aluminum alloy wheels , Double electric side sliding doors will be provided . motivation , The new car may continue to carry 2.0L Hybrid engine , However, there will be some improvement in dynamic parameters .

Japan , The Odyssey factory is in Tokyo , The plant is expected to 2022 year 3 Close before month , After that, the production work of the factory will be transferred to another factory to continue . The shutdown seems to mean that Honda is about to usher in a major change , News about the model , We will continue to pay attention .

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