No culture dare not talk about cars. Can an international car name sell well?

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To say the name of the hottest car in the near future , It should be lucky Geometry A 了 . Some time ago , Geely's compact electric vehicles GE11 Officially named “ The geometric A”, Although many people don't understand the moral , But it always feels unusual , It's easy to read , In fact, geometry A Consistent with the design concept of the model , It symbolizes simplicity and the future .

Through the ages , Manufacturers spend a lot of time on model naming , After all, sometimes the name is consumers' first impression of the car , Therefore, a bad name may affect the sales of models .

Want to talk about cars ? You have to be literate !

Compared to ten years ago , The cars around me are more beautiful 、 Better security 、 In addition to high-tech configuration , There's another one “ Names are harder to pronounce ”, The naming of early domestic models consists of three parts : Chinese characters 、 Letters and numbers . Even if many people don't know Passat 、 What does Bora and other names mean 、 Where did it come from , But at least it reads catchy , And even if you say it in dialect, there is no sense of conflict .

Look at the present , Chinese characters 、 Letters and numbers can no longer meet the manufacturers' different psychology , Even mathematical symbols are beginning to be used , For example, cloudiness π3 And Auchan COS1°, Such hard to read car names not only embarrass consumers with poor math scores , It can also become a nightmare for salespeople , Just explaining the name of a car takes a lot of time , As for communicating in dialect ? Well, I guess I'll forget it , The English car name is a little awkward to read , Symbols, not to mention .

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