Relying on strength or full of virtue, is it worth "exciting" to test drive Skoda Xindong?

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relying strength virtue worth exciting

Compared to a hatchback , Many consumers don't accept hatchbacks , After all, for the hatchback, the space in the car is really hard . But the hatchback is not without advantages , Affordable 、 Ultra low fuel consumption, etc , These are the advantages of hatchbacks . For young people who have just worked , Hatchback is actually the best choice for the first car in life .

In recent days, , The author conducted a test drive of Skoda Xindong , Experienced the specific feeling of Xindong during the rush hour , After all, buying such a hatchback is mainly used for commuting , Now let's share with you the specific feelings of Skoda Xindong during the test drive .

Appearance : An exquisite hatchback

2014 year , SAIC Volkswagen Skoda Xindong was officially listed in China , Compared with the three compartment version of Xinrui, it has a very high similarity with the overseas version , Make it more authentic . Compared with other hatchback cars , Skoda Xindong adopts a design style similar to station wagon , It has created a new market segment of domestic entry-level compact cars .

From the front face , Xindong family design elements are still relatively strong , Skoda's iconic “ Crystal cut ” Design style and “ Straight waterfall ” China open , It can still be reflected in Xindong . The interior structure of the headlight is very exquisite , The new irregular hexagonal front grille shows the three-dimensional feeling of the front , At the same time, the penetrating chrome plated trim strip at the bottom of the front bumper is added , Stretch the visual width , It effectively avoids the problem caused by the slightly narrow body “ Thin ” The visual effect of . Unfortunately , The whole Xindong system adopts halogen headlights .

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