Korean vs. Japanese: who should Hyundai ix35 and Honda xr-v choose

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korean vs. vs japanese hyundai

Due to the good quality control of Japanese cars in recent years , The sales volume of models is high , The domestic market has a large number of , Therefore, the hedging rate is high , It has obvious advantages in the market of small displacement models . The development of Korean cars in China is not warm , Korean cars are not as irreplaceable as Japanese cars and German cars , In addition, the number of Korean cars in China is not much , Therefore, Korean cars are difficult to become the first choice for domestic consumers when buying cars . But in terms of product power , The manufacturing level of Korean cars has not fallen . This brief analysis of modern ix35 And Honda XR-V, One is the representative of the Korean family , One is the representative of the Japanese system , By understanding the differences in products , See what are the characteristics of the two .

modern ix35

Official guided price :12.98-15.58 Ten thousand yuan

After the change ix35, Great changes have been made in the shape , The front face adopts the latest design language of the family , Lattice parameterized chrome grid 、 The characteristics of modern family design LED headlamps . The side of the body is more square , The overall characteristics are similar to the higher level of the brand SUV Shengda similar , Strong and thick .ix35 The rear of the car has a stronger sense of future and Technology , Through combination tail lamp and brand name HYUNDAI Perfect combination , Enhance the tension of the tail shape .ix35 The interior upholstery also has the characteristics of Korean cars , The highlight is 10.4 Inch touch LCD screen , All kinds of functions are clear at a glance ; The central control panel also uses a large number of soft packs , The advanced feeling is doubled .

modern ix35 share 2.0L Natural inspiration and 1.4T There are two versions of turbocharging for consumers to choose from .2.0L Maximum power of naturally aspirated engine 118kW, Maximum torque 193N·m, matching 6AT transmission ;1.4T Maximum power of turbocharged engine 103kW, Maximum torque 242N·m, matching 7 Dry double clutch gearbox . It is worth mentioning that ,ix35 There is movement 、 economic 、 comfortable 、 Off road and snow driving modes , It covers almost all travel scenarios , Really travel without worry .

Honda XR-V

Official guided price :12.79-17.59 Ten thousand yuan

Although Honda XR-V Our living space is owned by our own brands SUV extrusion , But the monthly sales volume remains at a high level . If modern ix35 The appearance design is calm , The Honda XR-V The sense of movement is stronger . The appearance of the model is closer to the big brother CR-V, The front face is a through design of chrome plated strips , Connect two fierce LED headlight ; The concealed door handle is very characteristic , A sense of science and technology ;XR-V It also adopts the popular through tail lamp , Highly recognizable .

It is worth mentioning that ,XR-V except 1.5T Honda 220TURBO Turbocharged engine , also 1.5L i-VTEC Version engine . among 1.5T Maximum engine power 130kW, Maximum torque 220N·m;1.5L Maximum power of naturally aspirated engine 96kW, Maximum torque 155N·m. Honda XR-V The upgrading of power brings consumers a better power experience .


modern ix35 And Honda XR-V The market hedging rates of these two cars are quite different , Honda XR-V Larger market Holdings , This trend has not changed much for a while ;XR-V Of 1.5T The power of the version has more advantages ;ix35 Larger body size and higher configuration . When buying a car, you need to carefully compare the differences between the two , But as a household compact SUV, There is little practical difference between the two .

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