The sales volume was released in July, and which models at all levels sold well?

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sales released july models levels

7 The ranking list of car sales in January has been released , Some strong veterans are still strong , There are some “ Changsheng ” The model is gradually depressed due to various factors , Some new power groups are rising …… Have to say , The dispute in the auto market is even more fierce than the competition among the heroes . Today I'll talk to you , Light-Duty Vehicle 、 Compact car 、 In the market of medium-sized vehicles, medium and large vehicles and other models at all levels , Which models are selling well .

Small car market

In the small car market , The public Polo、 Honda fit 、 Toyota dazzles 、 Wich ranked first to fourth , The top three are 10 A 10000 class hatchback , Compact body 、 Flexible handling 、 Parking is convenient , It is very popular with young consumers who are new to the society .

In a small SUV market , Mota is brilliant 、XR-V“ Two male ” The performance is still bright , In the first and second positions respectively . These two cars are fashionable and exquisite 、 Fuel saving and durable 、 High resale value , In addition, Honda's reputation and terminal good preferential strength , Make the two dominate the small SUV Top of sales list . The third place is Dazhong tukai , At present, tukai's terminal preference is relatively strong , therefore 7 Month sales ushered in 3000+ The growth of .

The fourth place is Binyue of its own brand Geely , Compared with previous months , The sales volume of Binyue has decreased . The reason why Binyue's sales fell , The author believes that first, the car is at the node of annual replacement , A lot of people are waiting for new cars to come on the market ; Second, the current joint venture brand is small SUV The terminal preference has been strengthened , It has had an impact on Binyue's sales .

Compact car market

In the compact car market , The top few are still familiar models , Xuanyi 、 lavida 、 corolla 、 Leiling and yinglang . In our own brand , Chang'an Yidong still leads , Followed by Geely Xingrui , In addition, Geely Dihao 、 Biadiqin PLUS DM-i、 roewe i5 Also achieved good sales . Although independent brand cars do not occupy the top position of the list , But with the upgrading and evolution of products 、 Iterative new car launch 、 And the improvement of production capacity , Independent brands still hope to hit the top of the list .

In compact SUV market , There is no suspense , The harvard H6 Still dominate the list ; Toyota RAV4 Rongfang relies on terminal discounts and good reputation of the brand , Ushered in a bumper harvest of sales ; changan CS75 PLUS In the third , The sales volume is not much different from the second place ; Haoying 、CR-V Ranked fourth and fifth respectively . It is worth noting that ,7 May joint venture compact SUV Outstanding performance , Several main compact models have ushered in sales growth , This is related to the greater terminal preference . in addition , The market performance of its own brand Geely boyue is slightly tired , Believe in boyue X After the official listing , The fighting power of the boyue family will be strengthened .

Medium sized car market

In the mid size car market , Camry, one of the three swordsmen of the Japanese family, rode like a horse , With 20479 The results of the car beat the others ; The music 、 Accord ranks second and third in this segment ; in addition , The performance of Camry brothers' Asian Dragon is also quite strong , In fourth place . In the field of medium-sized luxury cars , BMW 3 The Department is at the top of the list , And its arch rival Audi A4L、 Mercedes C The system has opened a big gap with it .

In medium SUV field , Enkewei relies on greater preferential efforts , Win the favor of the market , Its sales volume ranks first in this field ; The red flag HS5 Also with ultra-high cost performance , It has always maintained its own brand SUV Number one sales position , In all cases SUV in , second . The Volkswagen family is affected by the complaint , Probe of kingpin 、 View of path L The sales performance of other models is not satisfactory . Besides , Several new cars of independent brands , changan UNI-K、 Mocha is also emerging , It shows that there is great hope for independent brands to impact the high-end market .


7 month , Car market sales 186.4 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 11.9%, fell 7.5%. thus it can be seen , Chip crisis 、 The price of raw materials has gone up 、 Extreme weather, epidemic situation and other factors , It has had a significant impact on the sales of the automobile market .

in addition , With the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile market , The original high cold brand also began to release preferential policies , So as to promote the growth of sales , In terms of effect , Substantial preferential policies are indeed a magic weapon to drive sales growth . In the independent brand sector , Hot selling models of independent brands are upgraded through high-frequency and terminal concessions , For the time being, it has withstood the impact of price reduction of joint venture competitive products . And in the future , Independent brands also need to improve product power 、 Improve brand influence , Prepare for more fierce battles in the future .

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