The overseas version of the 2022 taycan has been upgraded, with new Android auto, auto parking and new body color options

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overseas version taycan upgraded new

In recent days, , Porsche has released the latest... Abroad 2022 paragraph Taycan, Many upgrades have been made for different functions .

First ,2022 On this new car , In addition to the apples Carplay, porsche Taycan Will be added to Android Auto Wired support , At the same time, the vehicle technology system also improves the control of the voice system , Better understanding of natural language commands . meanwhile , The route planning of the navigation system is faster ,UI Also redesigned .

secondly , Porsche for Taucan Added automatic parking function , The fusion scheme of ultrasonic radar and camera is adopted , And can be connected with mobile phones , Remote control of vehicles in and out of parking spaces , Support horizontal and vertical parking .

in addition ,Taycan as well as Taycan Cross Turismo With more unique colors , Car owners can drive at most 65 Choose between different colors in , It even offers custom paint services .

Last , Porsche has also improved its thermal management system , Better adjust the battery temperature to ensure performance and endurance .

expect 2022 Porsche Taycan It will take the lead in listing overseas at the end of the year .

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