Zhijian | light boat Zhihang Yu Qian: excavating icebergs under the autopilot sea

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【 Wisdom view 】 The column takes a cutting-edge perspective 、 Deep thinking , Talk to auto technology guru , Jointly explore the development path of intelligent vehicles , Start a new revolution in the automotive industry . Zhijian Issue 9 , Meet a tech guy —— Co founder and of Qingzhou Zhihang CEO Yu Qian

lately ,“ Autopilot ” Frequently mentioned , Driving accident 、 Financing is hot …… Its original intention is to liberate mankind , Greatly improve the safety of travel , But in the evolution of automatic driving technology , But sometimes the driver's improper operation causes irreparable property and even life loss , As a veteran of the autopilot industry , Yu Qian emphasized ,“ Security ” It's the rule of autopilot , It's the first point .

do L4 There are many self driving enterprises , And very popular in the capital market . In recent days, , Qingzhou Zhihang, an automatic piloting company focusing on unmanned minibuses, has completed 1 $ A+ Round of funding , Led by Yunfeng fund and Yuansheng capital 、 Meituan Longzhu and international well-known pension funds jointly invest , Old shareholder IDG Continuous follow-up investment of capital .

The financing pace of Qingzhou Zhihang is fast , Just finished at the beginning of this year A Round of funding , In this regard, Yu Qian believes that , The company's strategic planning will not be affected by the current investors , Automatic driving is a long-term project , To win this battle, we must see “ Icebergs under the sea ”.

Icebergs under the sea —— Autonomous super factory

Two years ago. , Yu Qian is still Waymo R & D director of machine learning algorithm of perception module , He spent ten years in Silicon Valley , Later with Hou Cong 、 generous 、 Wang Kun et al waymo Part of the team founded Qingzhou Zhihang in Silicon Valley , Start the research and development of unmanned minibuses . At that time , Qingzhou Zhihang proposed to build an automatic pilot “ Super factory ” The strategic goal of .

In Qian's words , If autopilot wants to really land, it is inseparable from the technical support at the bottom . So autopilot “ Super factory ” What is it ?

The first is the data flow field , The data flow field makes efficient and automatic use of data . For example, build a simulation cloud platform 、AI Training platform . The goal of data flow field is to realize automatic closed-loop control , Make the data flow quickly , Be able to realize rapid iteration of Technology .

second , The whole autopilot is a very huge system , Full stack technology of on-board hardware and software is required . Onboard hardware includes sensors 、 drive-by-wire 、 Computing platform ; The on-board software includes sensing algorithms 、 Maps and positioning 、 Predictive control 、 Cloud control and 5G V2X, Such a huge system needs data flow field to support its continuous iteration .

Third , Output solution through pipeline , Support different application scenarios . A light boat sails from “ Super factory ” Products produced , Including the dragon boat ONE、 Smart bus scheme 、 Future oriented travel plan , And solutions for passenger cars . among , Dragon Boat ONE Has landed , Several other items have not been released yet .

“ The best individual can't do a team , The best team can't beat an efficient system . We hope that in a systematic way , Promote automatic driving in the way of automatic production , Instead of solving a single point technical problem on a case by case basis .” Yu Qian said to the public , Qingzhou Zhihang is to polish the underlying technology , So that it can be adapted to any scene of automatic driving later .

2020 Beginning of the year , Qingzhou Zhihang proposes to improve efficiency by simulation and data closed loop .“ Our data closed-loop capability grows with the capabilities of other modules , This is the biggest difference from other companies . Some companies solve the problem from some single point technology , For example, start with map positioning , Then it extends to perception and control planning , Finally, go back to the simulation , It may take a lot of detours .” Yu Qian talked about the differences between Qingzhou Zhihang super factory . So from the beginning , What Qingzhou Zhihang does is accumulate the bottom tool chain , Strive to expand more technical fields in the shortest time .

The rule of autopilot —— Security

At present , because L2 There have been many casualties in the level-1 auxiliary driving system , Cause great shock in the industry , Even exacerbate the social public's distrust of assisted driving . In this matter , Yu Qian thinks the most dangerous thing is “ People think the system is safe 、 Completely lost vigilance ”, And then there was a problem .

in fact ,90% The accident was caused by human factors , The first problem to be solved by automatic driving is to eliminate unsafe driving behavior , Achieve real security . But when the autopilot level rises to L4, The automatic driving system and the main engine plant are fully responsible for safety .

Yu Qian talked about , Passenger cars, whether assisted driving or Robotaxi, The challenge is to be fast . The light boat Zhihang starts with a medium and low speed scenario , It can greatly reduce the degree of casualties . meanwhile , In key areas 、 Regional internal deployment in key areas , Ensure adequate testing in the area , It will be more secure . In the technology itself , On the premise of safety , Supplement multi-sensor redundancy 、 Computational redundancy 、 Redundancy of car by wire control , And no blind area design .

At the policy level , The regulation of automatic driving is also improving .8 month 12 Japan , Ministry of industry and information technology issued 《 Opinions on strengthening the management of intelligent networked automobile production enterprises and product access 》. Put forward “ Without approval , It is not allowed to add or update the auto driving function through online software upgrade .”

Yu Qian as a self driving practitioner , He thinks that ,OTA The introduction of regulatory policies is necessary , It's not that it doesn't allow OTA, It's right OTA Conduct interval supervision . The autonomous driving industry needs some supervision , All parties work together to ensure the development of the industry .

“ latecomers ” The entry point of ——Robobus

And choose from Robobus Start autopilot , Yu Qian is also out of security considerations . Because the minibus is medium and low speed 、 The route is relatively stable , Reduce the risk to a certain extent , It can also be commercialized faster .

Qingzhou Zhihang is a new player on the autopilot track , How to catch up with and surpass the former in a short time , Qingzhou Zhihang is thinking from the perspective of urban planning . Relevant research shows that , Whether in New York or Beijing , After having an online car appointment , The degree of congestion in the city has increased .《 natural 》 This year, the magazine published the research of MIT researchers on the United States 44 City analysis , Network car Hailing reduces the use of public transport 9%, The length of urban congestion increases 4.5%. One reason is that more and more people are driving online car Hailing , 40% of the network car Hailing mileage is empty driving without passengers .

In addition, according to the annual tracking data of Beijing Transportation Development Research Center ,2015 Year didi and Uber Start the online car Hailing war in Beijing , In that year, the average daily road congestion time in urban Beijing changed from 1 Hours 55 The score jumped to 3 Hours . After that except 2017 Clean up the outside of non Beijing brand online car Hailing , The length of congestion is maintained at 3 Hours up and down . So city managers , And researchers of urban transportation , Promote long-distance travel by rail transit 、 Short distance travel depends on microcirculation . This provides demand and challenges for the last three kilometers of transportation , Therefore, Qingzhou Zhihang launched dragon boat ONE The positioning is microcirculation .

Dragon Boat ONE stay 2020 year 7 After the first release in June ,3 Months later, the country's first normalized operation was launched in Suzhou 5G Unmanned bus , After that, it began to operate in many cities . At present, Qingzhou Zhihang has surpassed... In the world 8 Cities carry out operation and testing , More than... Models have been deployed 8 paragraph .

At the same time , Dragon Boat ONE It's not just a car , It is also a set of automatic driving solutions .“ For self driving companies around the world , We took the lead in 2020 Companies that proposed to improve efficiency by simulation and data closed loop at the beginning of the year , Start with this as the core competence to build technology , Build a closed loop of data and the whole super factory .” Yu Qian said , Compared with other enterprises in the industry , Qingzhou Zhihang mainly operates buses and commercial vehicles , Compared with passenger cars , The cost can be lower , Therefore, high-grade sensors can be selected , It's also an advantage .

It is worth mentioning that , Meituan Longzhu has been added to the list of investors , Does this mean that Qingzhou Zhihang will have closer business exchanges with meituan ? Such as unmanned logistics . In this regard, the founder of Qingzhou Zhihang and CEO Yu Qian said , At present, I still firmly choose to be a minibus , Realize the perfect landing mode of products , However, it does not rule out investors or partners who will cooperate with industrial capital in the future , There are already scenes under the line of joint deep ploughing , And landing in different application scenarios .

New species for future travel —— Dragon Boat Space

Although the light boat Zhihang is from Robobus cut-in , But in the view of Qingzhou Zhihang , Open roads Robotaxi and Robobus Will merge at some point in the future .

In Qian's words , At present, the dragon boat ONE Yes, it is Robotaxi Technology building Robobus, Belong to “ High configuration and low play ”. This year, , Qingzhou Zhihang will also provide shared network bus service , similar “ Network carpooling ”, Passengers can go to fixed stations , And make an appointment to get on and off the station through a small program . thus ,Robobus Follow Robotaxi The distance is shrinking , In this trend ,Robotaxi It is also moving towards a new business form , Provide more spacious space for people 、 More green and shared travel services . In this regard, Qingzhou Zhihang has created a future oriented mobile travel space solution —— Dragon Boat SPACE.

Dragon Boat SPACE Facing the future 、 The model is built for the scene of medium and low speed in short distance travel , It is applicable to semi open road scenes in the early stage . This car is jointly developed by Qingzhou Zhihang and automobile manufacturers , There is no steering wheel in the car , The passenger size will be larger than 5.9 Mi's car is small , But the interior space is large , People can stand up .

The development of this model focuses on the ability of automatic driving , At the same time, it can also be modified to meet logistics and other needs . Yu Qian said ,“ Because this car has no steering wheel , We will carefully launch various functions , Communicate with the regulatory authorities accordingly , Ensure compliance with local government policies . We also see that in the whole propulsion process of autopilot , Technology and policy complement each other 、 Pushing each other .”

Cities are changing travel patterns , Travel patterns are also changing cities . In the view of Qingzhou Zhihang , Dragon Boat SPACE The definition of this scheme is “ Travel , No limits ”. At present, the first model is equipped with a dragon boat SPACE The vehicle of the scheme has started to test and land in China .

Summary of Che Yun

There are many Robotaxi The company is also trying other unmanned landing scenarios , Such as heavy truck logistics 、 Unmanned minibus, etc , The commonality of technology provides landing soil for the scene , The future may be as predicted by Qingzhou Zhihang ——Robobus and Robotaxi Will tend to integrate , So the dragon boat SPACE It can also be regarded as a template for the carrier of future travel .

“ The autopilot track is very long , Travel as part of infrastructure , The market is very wide .” Yu Qian said . In the spiral development process , Will inevitably encounter new obstacles and difficulties , But the goal is still towards intelligence 、 A wonderful trip .

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