Changan Automobile released the full scene digital twin development open platform, as well as smart cockpit black technology

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changan automobile released scene digital

As an open 、 cooperation 、 Shared industry thought exchange platform ,2021 Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological conference closely follows “ New car New ecology ” The theme , Set up a Summit Forum , And products 、 user 、 New energy technology 、 Intelligent technology 、 Short distance smart logistics and other five thematic sub forums , It reflects the comprehensive thinking of China's automobile industry on the future trend . At the product forum yesterday afternoon , Chang'an Yi “ New car New ecology ” For the keyword , It has released a number of the latest product platforms and intelligent technologies, as well as the future strategic deployment of Chang'an .

Full scene digital twin development open platform

With the consumption upgrading of users and the development of technology , The cockpit is not just an interactive space for driving , More extended into a wise 、 Emotional digital mobile space . At the product forum of Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological Conference , Chang'an started “ user - Car companies - developer ” Open platform for full scene digital twin development through full link .

The full scene digital twin development open platform has four breakthrough advantages :

- Atomic Services . Atomic service is applied to digital cockpit platform for the first time , Achieve an unlimited combination of functions . Already realized 600 Added atomization service , Provide 1 ten thousand + The combination of functions may .

- Number twin . The first driver in the industry 、 Cockpit 、 Vehicle level virtual simulation environment through three domains of vehicle control , Realize the function of the whole vehicle, and the scene can be arranged .

- Unlimited computing services . The local cloud has millions TOPS Computing power reserve , Able to meet the future 5 To 10 Platform development needs in , For developers 10 class 260 individual API Interface . At present, it has been connected to more than 100 Multiple partners 、 Online more than 200 Multiple applications , In subsequent infinite expansion .

- Ultimate experience . Support the rapid development of monomer level 、 The system level 、 Vehicle level experience evaluation , Support virtual reality 、 Mixed reality experience evaluation .

Open platform development through full scene digital twin , Chang'an wants to build an emotional 、 Smart cockpit with temperature , Multi dimensional tactile interaction with consumers . Have the ability to evolve and iterate at the same time , Just as the evolution of life is driven by external and internal factors , Continuously through interaction with consumers , Combined with the latest intelligent technology , Rapid growth and evolution . Finally become a more intimate partner of consumers , She understands users' needs and feelings more like family and friends , Give users security 、 Warm company .

meanwhile , The whole scene digital twin development open platform also adopts “ User co creation + Ecological partners win-win ” Pattern , Let users timely participate in CO creation , Quickly respond to the real needs of users , And provide partners with a direct shortcut to users' needs , Reduce the construction cost of vehicle development environment 、 Shorten mass production deployment cycle . For active users 、 Users of high-value proposals , Reward every quarter , Highest offer 50 Million value reward .

APA7.0 Remote unmanned valet parking system technology

On the premise of meeting relevant national laws and regulations , Chang'an started APA7.0 Remote valet parking system , make “ Come as soon as you call , Swing away ” Private Valet function of exclusive parking lot .

APA7.0 It can realize the function of unmanned autonomous queue parking outside the garage , Users can get off directly outside the garage , The system queues up independently , Drive the vehicle through the gate 、 Look for parking space independently , Self parking . meanwhile , The system also supports the elevator entrance pick-up function , The user can make an appointment for the pick-up time in advance , The system parks itself out of the parking space , And arrive at the elevator at the appointed time to pick up ; Pick up and drive outside the garage , The system can queue up to pick up cars from the warehouse , Save user time ; Valet parking function in expressway service area , Users can get off at the door of the service area , The system looks for a parking space by itself , You can also use one key to summon the car .

Chang'an is equipped with super sensing hardware system , Include 27 A sensor , among 5 It is designed to solve the problem of parking lot perception 4D Imaging millimeter wave radar ,12 A new generation of coded ultrasonic radar ,10 A high-performance camera , Single camera pixels up to 800 ten thousand . meanwhile , Advanced algorithms use deep learning and multi-sensor fusion to achieve accurate perception 、 The fusion of visual semantics and features realizes accurate positioning and graph search and optimization algorithm to deal with complex and changeable parking lot environment .

Chang'an will work with its partners to promote the establishment of smart parking lot ecosystem in major cities across the country , Due in 2022 By the end of the year, it will cover the core business districts of major cities in China 、 Large hospitals and other public parking lots 500 individual ,5 It will expand to all large business districts in second and third tier cities in years 、 Hospitals and other public parking lots . At the same time, it is driven by massive data , Cloud algorithm training and optimization , Keep improving APA7.0 Various performances of the system , Realize the quality control of products OTA Iterative upgrade .

A new generation of super collector drive system technology

This time, Chang'an also put forward a new concept , To redefine the of new energy vehicles “ efficiency ” problem , From the industrial efficiency of cell production 、 Product efficiency of electric drive system , To improve the user efficiency of winter vehicles . In this way , Chang'an has released a new generation of super collector drive , Take the ultra-high efficiency of electric drive as the core , Create a new generation of super collector drive system . Through the deep integration of technology , Turn the motor 、 retarder 、 Motor controller 、DCDC、DCAC、 DC boost 、 High voltage branch 、 Multi functions such as AC charging are deeply integrated into one , Volume reduction 5%、 Weight reduction 10%、 Increased power density 37%.

The super collector drive system has an ultra-high electric drive assembly , The electric drive assembly is used for maximum efficiency >95%, It can realize ultra-low power consumption of 100 km under all road conditions . It adopts the world's first electric drive high-frequency pulse heating technology , Using the inductance and switching characteristics of electric drive , High frequency pulse current is generated between the driving battery and the electric drive , Self heating is realized through the internal resistance of the battery , Cooperate with electric drive waste heat recovery technology , Can be realized -30 Degree environment 5 Minutes to warm up 20℃, Effectively improve the range at low temperature in winter 40-70km.

meanwhile , The system developed 450V and 800V Two series products , covering 240V-800V Voltage range , Satisfy 160-300kW Power demand , Maximum satisfaction 400-1000km Mileage demand .800V The electric drive platform is equipped with high rate and fast charging core , A new special electric vehicle platform model equipped with a new generation of super collector drive system in Chang'an , Charging can be realized as soon as possible 10 Minutes before 200 km .

“123” strategic +“6337” New technology capability

Innovation based on digital capabilities , Changan Automobile has put forward new ideas about new automobile platforms and products , Create evolvable 、 Can the iteration 、 To meet the needs of users in the whole scene “123” Business model 、 Architecture and platform .

“1” yes “ cloud - network - platform - scene ” New business model , By building “ A cloud in the sky , A net in the air , The middle platform , The whole scene on the ground ” Implement digital transformation and upgrading , Based on the of users and cars ONE-ID Through the shared data cloud , Direct connection with users and partners , Open Chang'an capability system , Realize online digitization 、 Offline scene and service experience , Build a new travel ecology in the future .

“2” It's the ark structure and SDA framework . Chang'an last year 11 In January, it was released to cover A Class to C A new intelligent platform for class vehicles MPA Ark Architecture , It has also started the research and development of Chang'an automobile 4.0 The new age . some time , Chang'an will continue to evolve the ark Architecture , From traditional internal combustion engine to HEV、REEV、PHEV And other electrification power upgrades . besides , Chang'an will also make every effort to build a super digital platform for intelligent vehicles with full scene services for users ——SDA framework .

The architecture will have four characteristics , Hardware plug and play , Resources are flexible and schedulable ; Global remote management , Gradually realize the opening of the whole vehicle, and the scene can be arranged ; Digital ecology is open , According to the needs of users , Open software features can be subscribed ; In a safe situation , Realize data closed-loop self evolution , Intelligent learning can grow .SDA Software architecture form 、 Experience 、 The properties change at will , Will create new species that are often new , Provide security to users 、 To save time 、 worry 、 Customizable ultimate experience .

“3” It is the new energy of Chang'an “ shangri-la ” plan , Created EPA0、EPA1 and EPA2 Three new special electric vehicle platforms , Cover small 、 Compact type 、 Medium and large-scale and other levels , Form a car run 、SUV、MPV And other multi-modal products , Achieve the double carbon goal .

On the technical level , Chang'an has created “6337” New technology capability ,“6” It's the mechanical layer 、 Energy layer 、 Electronic and electrical architecture 、 operating system 、 Application software 、 Cloud big data new car six tier structure ; first “3” For intelligent manufacturing 、 Intelligent management 、 Three new operation systems of intelligent products ; the second “3” It's a digital cloud 、 Data closed loop network 、 Three digital business bases of software service platform ;“7” It's the new car intelligent “ Core screen device nuclear map network sky ” Seven core special technologies . Create a technology source driving ecological innovation of products and services , A new generation of powertrain 、 vehicle design 、 Locomotive matching integration is the core technology .

For new people, based on changing scenarios 、 The diverse needs of changing roles , Chang'an will build and open up a global leader 、 Product layout with multiple scenarios and extreme experience for customers . In the next five years , Chang'an will launch 20 The remaining new intelligent electric products , To 2025 The annual brand sales volume will reach 300 Thousands of cars , New energy accounts for 35%. The first model based on ark architecture upgrade UNI Sedan UNI-V It will be listed in the first quarter of next year , be based on SDA New products created by architecture are accelerating , New special electric vehicle platform A158、B369、C385 Will be listed in the second quarter of next year .

Summary of Che Yun

In the 2021 In the product forum of Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological Conference , Chang'an released the full scene digital twin development open platform 、APA7.0 Remote unmanned valet parking system technology 、 A new generation of super collector drive system technology , And Changan's future brand strategy and product planning , In intelligence 、 New energy and other aspects continue to accelerate the application of new technologies , And from the organization 、 Human resources 、 The capital is fully invested in three aspects , Create a new starting point for Chang'an Automobile 、 New strategy 、 New pattern .

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