Waymo will launch the robotaxi test in San Francisco

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waymo launch robotaxi test san

Waymo On Tuesday, I sent a document saying , It will launch a research-oriented project in San Francisco “Trusted Tester” project . Users can register Waymo One application , Call when you need a taxi Jaguar I-PACE electric vehicle , Feedback on taxi experience .

“Trusted Tester” The purpose of is to let users help it improve its service .

Waymo On 2017 Began to publicly test technology in Phoenix , Then 2020 In, a fully automatic taxi service was launched in some areas of Phoenix .Waymo Testing autopilot in other parts of the United States , However, the automatic taxi service has not been officially launched outside Phoenix .Waymo I hope San Francisco will become the second market for its self driving taxi service .

Waymo Test the self driving taxi service in San Francisco , Some media reports say that some employees are increasingly dissatisfied with the slow expansion speed of the company , Several employees have left in the past few months .

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