The new tank model is named tank 500 and will be equipped with 3.0T engine

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new tank model named tank

In recent days, , The tank brand officially announced its new medium and large-scale tank SUV The name of —— tanks 500, The new car is planned for 8 month 29 The Chengdu auto show, which opened on the th, ushered in its debut . As the second product of tank brand , tanks 500 Hard liners were used SUV Design style of , The lines of the whole vehicle are full of power . The new front face shape creates a strong visual effect through three horizontal chrome plated banners , Cooperate with the design of special-shaped headlamp group , It looks very thick . Raised engine ribs and rugged front bumper shape , It also makes the new car show a strong aura like a tough man . Of course, the most anticipated driving force , The new car will be equipped with... Independently developed by great wall 3.0T turbo V6 Engine and 48V Micro mixing system composed of motor , The maximum power of the engine 260kW, Maximum torque 500 cattle · rice . Transmission in , Will match the latest profile 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , Dynamic performance is worth looking forward to .

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