Check three cost-effective independent SUVs, and the price is appropriate!

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check cost-effective cost effective independent

In terms of the current market ecology , Consumer confidence goes through three stages , From cultural self-confidence , To product confidence , Today's brand confidence , For example, the recently popular “ Guochao culture ” Is a good embodiment .2020 Year is “ Guochao culture ” The year of high light , According to the report released by Ali Research Institute 《2020 China Consumer Brand Development Report 》 Show , The online market share of Chinese local brands has reached 72%, And this figure is still rising . In other words , In addition to food, clothing, housing and transportation , All aspects of consumers are directly related to domestic products , This includes buying a car . So for our consumers , What cars on the market are worth seeing ? today , We 《 vehicle 314》 Take the three independent models that are popular in the market SUV Give you an example .

The more stars L Manufacturer's guide price :13.72~18.52 10000 yuan new car highlights : Rich standard configuration , hold 15 Wan's car leaves 30 Wan's enjoyment, the more stars L Is this car worth buying ? Just look at its competitive products , View of path L、 Honda CR-V wait ! Of course , Others compare it with Volvo , Because of the logo , These two cars are so similar ! It's simple , The more stars L Based on the... Jointly developed by Geely and Volvo CMA Super matrix , meanwhile , This car also carries Volvo Drive-E Series of 2.0T high / Low power engine , And it has leapfrog body size and rich scientific and technological configuration , Extremely cost-effective .

Although whether it looks good or not is a matter of “ Opinions differ ” Things about , But whether the design language is advanced , Everyone's opinions are often highly unified , And the more stars L It is a recognized model with high appearance value . Take the front face as an example , The headlamp group adopts double row and three section light sources , With the straight waterfall chrome plated front grille , It has a pretty good impact . More Than This , As a big car 5 Of the seat SUV, The more stars L The side also passes through the straight waist line , And a simple and strong body to improve the performance of the vehicle “ Big car feeling ”.

Interior upholstery is one of the best places for domestic cars , For Xingyue L The same is true . In design , Three pieces 12.3 Inch LCD screen and the whole roof 、 console 、 Leather and suede in accessible positions such as door panels , Both luxury and technology . meanwhile , The matte gold trim of the center console and blue-green suede and other details , It also reveals the good movement of the car .

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