The new Infiniti qx60 is expected to be made in China within this year

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new infiniti qx60 qx expected

recently , Road passenger cars obtained a group of new products from Infiniti from overseas media QX60 Actual photos of the model at the store . according to the understanding of , The new car has been on sale in some overseas countries , And at home , It is expected that domestic production will be carried out as soon as this year or early next year , And may go on sale next year .

appearance , The intake grille on the front face of the new car adopts the trapezoidal mesh design with blackening treatment , And a strong chrome plated decorative strip is installed around the , Both sides are equipped with long and narrow headlamp groups , A blackened multi banner grille is provided below , The overall momentum is full . The side lines of the car body are smooth , The lower part is equipped with two-color multi spoke aluminum alloy wheels , The roof is equipped with a metal luggage rack , Full of movement . The rear of the car also adopts the design of narrow and long tail lamp group , Echo with the headlamp group , There is a spoiler at the top , The lower exhaust is of concealed design .

On the interior , The central control area of the new car is equipped with a suspended central control screen 、 Full LCD instrument and through air conditioner outlet , It is equipped with three width multifunctional steering wheel and electronic shift mechanism , Full of technology and fashion . Power on , The new car is expected to be equipped with... After it is made in China 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Transmission system matching CVT transmission , Some models provide AWD All-wheel-drive system .

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