The car running is full of wind, and the official picture of Harvard h6s is exposed

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car running wind official picture

In recent days, , We learned from Harvard officials , The harvard H6S Will be in 8 month 27 On the 10th anniversary of Harvard brand day, it officially appeared . The new car is based on the Great Wall lemon platform , In the third generation of Harvard H6 A car race was carried out on the basis of SUV Style adjustment , Pay more attention to sports style . The harvard H6S The interior continues the third generation Haval H6 Interior layout , However, some details have been changed more in favor of sports and Technology . For example, the new car uses all black interior color matching , And equipped with a number of scientific and sports configuration , contain 10.25 Inch full-color virtual instrument 、12.3 Inch ultra smart touch screen 、HUD Intelligent full color head up display , These three big screens enhance the scientific and technological atmosphere of the new car . In terms of motivation , The harvard H6S Petrol version and hybrid version will be available , And adopt different designs . The harvard H6S The hybrid version will be equipped with 1.5T Hybrid system composed of engine and motor , The maximum engine power is 110kW.

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