Women over the age of 50 will wear skirts more elegant! Mastering these three "Japanese rules" really reduces age

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women age wear skirts elegant

A woman is over fifty , How should I wear it to balance fashion and comfort ? I believe many people believe that trousers can better show the mature temperament of this age , But actually , A woman of this age , Can wear a skirt to be more elegant ! Just master the following three “ Japanese dress rules ”, You can easily beat others !

Japanese wear rule 1 : One piece for a holistic look

What is one-piece wear ?

The so-called one-piece wear , It is to use one piece of single product to create a sense of integrity and nature extending naturally from top to bottom , This style is natural and easy to control . And in skirt wear , Just choose a dress .

01 Version selection principle : Loose straight tube , Retract the waist and protrude the waist line

For women over 50 , A skirt that is too slim will look too tight , Loss of beauty , And too wide skirt will also make the figure and style look very bloated and procrastinated . Relatively speaking , Slightly loose straight style is the best choice , Easily create a high-level sense of relaxation .

But when you wear it , Don't forget to highlight the presence of the waistline , The slim waist can be highlighted by retracting the waist and raising the waist line , Achieve the effect of showing height, showing thin and modifying the proportion of body . besides , The way to wear the waistline can also produce a sense of contrast in the version , Not too rigid and boring .

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