Marco Polo tells the story of the four brothers working together

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marco polo tells story brothers

《 Marco Polo 》 It tells the story of the four brothers in order to avenge their adoptive brother killed by the Emperor , Go to the elder brother's wife's family Tiandao village to learn from the master , After all the hardships , With the help of foreign envoy Marco Polo , The story of revenge at last . Some netizens said that the plot of the film is old-fashioned and simple , No viewing value . In my opinion , The righteousness embodied everywhere in the film is worthy of our contemporary people's deep thinking .

It is precisely because of the Jianghu loyalty of several sworn brothers , Only then did they successfully learn the peerless magic skill . The four brothers in the film for their loyalty in the Jianghu , When the leader of Tiandao villa refused to teach martial arts , Still willing to stay and do some chores . And it was they who stayed , Just got the true biography of several masters , Practice into a golden bell jar , Iron sand palm , Infinite power and lightness skill . so to speak , If you don't value the loyalty between sworn brothers , The four brothers may still be doing nothing , Be an ordinary people . So , It is the loyalty of the Jianghu that gives them the opportunity to learn .

It is precisely because Marco Polo awakened the national loyalty in his heart , Only then did the Revenge of the four brothers be successfully completed . Marco Polo in the film didn't understand the Central Plains people's obsession with assassinating the Emperor , After a clear understanding of their deeds and circumstances , Moved by their inner persistence , And told the four brothers the battle plan of the other side , And help them give advice . so to speak , The flame of national righteousness in Marco Polo's heart , Let him correct his wrong position , Changed the view of the four brothers , And use their known information to help them formulate battle plans . So , It was the national loyalty of Marco Polo that promoted the realization of the road of revenge .

To make a long story short , The loyalty in everyone's heart is linked one by one , Let the results go smoothly . The four mediocre brothers lived a peaceful life , Jianghu loyalty made them start a different life , Marco Polo had always been lost in the beautiful dream created by the emperor for him , The great righteousness of the nation woke him up , On another road . And all the loyalty , All laid the foundation for the realization of the goal of revenge , Buried the foreshadowing .

People in the past , Believe that blood is union , I believe in the trust of Taoyuan sanjieyi , People today , The word "loyalty" often appears when a group of greasy uncles finish business , On the drunk table . Jianghu righteousness, a tough word, seems to be a little out of line with the current civilized era , But in the context of the new era , The great cause of the nation has a new annotation . Facing COVID-19 , Flood disaster , Olympic pageant , People from all walks of life are not afraid of difficulties , March forward courageously , Fight hard , Confidence and boldness are national “ The righteous ” The embodiment of Qi , All the people and things are intertwined , Although it doesn't look so Jianghu , But full of loyalty , This is a “ The righteous ” Qi gives us another warmth .

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