Xiong Lei showed Xu Min that he was greedy for money. He received 50000 cash and drugs from the hospital and was asked back

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xiong lei showed xu min

Some netizens who have become parents say , My child got pneumonia , They are afraid to take care of their children , I haven't slept for three days and nights , Mental and physical exhaustion ; In contrast , Yao Ce discovered hepatitis B from the age of two , Mother Xu has a sick son 26 year , I don't know how I got through it , Now I find this 28 Years of suffering is not what she should bear , Who can understand her inner pain and unwillingness ? So it's right for Xu Ma to find out the truth , It's also right to get back your property and savings .

In recent days, , Xiong Lei and brother Xu Min debated on the issue of medical expenses , Attracted the attention of many netizens . Xiong Lei wrote in one of his blog posts ,“ Xu Ma, how much medical expenses did you pay for Yao ce ? How much we are grateful …… Out 10 Let me pay 52 ten thousand , Are you blackmailing me ?” There is also a video at the bottom of the text , The content is divided into three parts , The first paragraph is about lawyer Zhou . Lawyer Zhou mentioned in his speech , After negotiating with the hospital , The hospital gave it to Xu ma 2 Million cash and 3 Wan Yao , Used to cure Yao ce , Staff were also lined up to accompany the doctor and offer condolences , But lawyer Zhou asked for the money back after he learned , Yao CE is also very angry , Returned the compensation to the hospital .

Xiong Lei's intention to release this video is obvious , Is to use lawyer Zhou's words to prove to everyone that Xu is a greedy man . But is it true ? The head of Huai medicine last year 5 month 13 In an interview on Tuesday, he said , They give priority to treating the sick and saving people , Provide humanitarian assistance within the legal framework , After Xu Min negotiated with the hospital , The hospital has visited Yao CE in Jiangxi , It's on 5 Ten thousand compensation , He also sent someone to accompany Yao CE to Shanghai to see a doctor , The other party's air ticket to Kaifeng to negotiate compensation is also reimbursed by the hospital ; Yao CE also said ,4 At the end of the month , The hospital has sent representatives , Including the director of the doctor-patient office and the leader of the medical department , Also sent two boxes of Medicine .

Look at the whole story , Is there anything wrong with what Xu Ma did ? For this matter , Xu Min also responded , After the two families recognized each other , Come to an agreement , Claim compensation from the hospital , It was also Xu's mother who first negotiated on behalf of the two families , But I didn't expect that the hospital only gave 5 Ten thousand compensation , It's just a drop in the bucket for Yao ce , So neither of the last two people accepted the compensation , Finally embarked on the legal path .

also , Xu Min takes it 5 Is 10000 compensation for yourself ? Xu's mother didn't take the money as her own , The medicine is for Yao ce , Money is for Yao CE to see a doctor , After all, it's not for Yao ce . Yao CE was in urgent need of money after his marriage , Biological parents say they can't get money just after the operation , Mother Xu's savings have long been spent , If Xu's mother doesn't accept the consolation money, does she want her to watch Yao CE die from illness ? Probably only Du Xinzhi can do it . Finally, Xu's mother was kind enough to mortgage her house to get some money , Let Yao CE not break the treatment . As some people say , People who spend other people's money never feel how much they spend , Only those who give money to others know how much pressure there is !

Besides , Yao CE is angry because the hospital has little compensation , Still angry, Xu Ma accepted the compensation for him , We are not Ascaris lumbricoides in Yao CE's stomach , I don't know what he really thinks , However, although Yao CE is a little selfish and capricious , But he's not stupid ,20 Years of getting along , It's impossible that he didn't know what Xu Ma meant , So Yao CE was angry and did more because the hospital perfunctorily compensated .

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