Zhang Yuqi's love brain? She just mastered the traffic code

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zhang yuqi love brain mastered

Seemingly sweet sister brother love , In fact, it is full of interest disputes .

Zhang Yuqi's little milk dog boyfriend let netizens show her aunt's smile last week , This week, everyone began to persuade Sister Zhang to break up , The reason is simple , The little boyfriend seems to be coveting his sister's resources .

These two days , Zhang Yuqi's reputation for her little boyfriend , Tear up the program group overnight and announce to quit the subsequent recording ,“ What a girl ” While the voice appeared , She is also tied to the love brain , Many netizens even feel anxious about Sister Zhang .

There is one saying. , Zhang Yuqi really can't look at men , But say she's a love brain , It's not like .


Take a look back. , The whole process of Zhang Yuqi and mango stand turning over .

Some time ago , Zhang Yuqi takes Xiao 8 My boyfriend Li Bingxi was on Mango's love show , At the beginning, I circled a wave of people's powder .

But this week , Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend were dissatisfied with the editing of the program group , Select the front tear , And quit recording directly .

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