With a minimum of 120000, these cars are the world's 0 fatal accidents, which can be called a highway fortress! Travel with your family is reassuring

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Automobile safety has always been an issue of great concern , After all, for most people , In daily driving , The people on the bus are the most important people in their lives . We hope to go out happily , Get home safely , So when people buy cars , Not only focus on models 、 Price and other factors , We will also consider its security .

About car safety , At present, there are many authorities , For example, American IIHS、 Europe's E-NCAP And Chinese C-IASI etc. , Pass the crash test 、 Accident analysis 、 And various data to publish the safety data of various brands and models for consumers and all sectors of society .

Today's e-Car series is based on the United States, which is also a big country in car ownership on the earth , Their local institutions IIHS A published report on 2015-2018 The death rate of drivers in vehicle accidents was the lowest in 20 List of models , The top 7 The death rate of famous cars is zero .
However, this list does not cover all models , The most basic requirements for models on the list are : The number of cards needs to reach 100 Ten thousand units , And the cumulative mileage should reach 161 More than 100 million kilometers , Therefore, some models with low sales volume can not be listed . Combine this list with the same models on sale in mainland China , Yi Che Xiaobian selected several of them , Even ordinary people can afford to buy and use , Models with high sales and high safety .
   The public   golf
The guided :12.98-16.58 Ten thousand yuan
Dealer discounts :3000 yuan
Model size :4296/1788/1471mm
The wheelbase :2636mm
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Volkswagen Golf is a very historical model , Although the model size is small , The interior space is optimized very well , It's very easy to drive , And it's fun to drive . Speaking of golf , We have to mention the models with the most brilliant sales in China , That's number one 6 Instead of golf .
Yi Che Xiaobian was not very interested in golf before , Then I opened the first 6 After golf , Good vision , Ergonomic sitting posture 、 Operation etc. , And it makes people feel relaxed and happy . This makes me deeply know , Why is golf so popular all over the world .
What is currently on sale is the No 8 For golf , Built on a new MQB EVO Above the platform , The latest popular “ Digitization ” The car concept creates . Unlike previous models , The new golf is more electrified than previous models , And the lightweight and high rigidity of the body structure have been further strengthened .
stay E-NCAP In the crash test , Full frontal collision and 50% Frontal offset deformable barrier side impact , The cabin is in good condition , No obvious intrusion , The full score is 8 branch , The new golf won 7.5 Points and 7.6 Points of . In addition, in a side impact , The new golf adopts high-strength doors and windows B column , Also got 15.5 High marks .
The first 8 Modern golf is equipped with 3 A powertrain , Namely 1.2T、1.4T And the upcoming 2.0T GTI models , Among them, the low configuration two power assemblies are equipped with 7 Speed dry double clutch gearbox ,GTI The car is equipped with 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .
The new golf also features IQ.DRIVE Safe driving AIDS , Include Travel Assist Driving AIDS 、Pre-Crash Pre collision protection system 、MKB Multiple collision prevention system 、PLA 3.0 Intelligent parking system 、RTA Rear traffic warning 、ACC 3.0 Dozens of functions such as advanced adaptive cruise , Safe driving is more guaranteed .
   Mercedes C level
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Mercedes C Class A is a very good model in the Mercedes Benz family , It is also a very valued model , First of all, the upgrading of Mercedes Benz is from the big brother of the family S Class start , Then the Mercedes Benz C The magnitude of , therefore C Level is also known as “ Small S level ”.
Just recently , Mercedes S The level has been updated , new C Class A has also appeared at the domestic auto show , It will be on the market soon , At present, cash Benz C Level has been in the final inventory clearance , Terminal discounts have also reached an unprecedented range , Many cities have begun to be out of stock , To welcome a new generation of Mercedes Benz C The arrival of class .
Mercedes C Level in the crash test , On the driver's side 25% Frontal offset collision , Mercedes C The overall structure of the first-class body is maintained in good condition ,A The column is not significantly bent . Through data measurement, it is found that , The center console of the car generates 4 Inch displacement , however IIHS Agency officials say , Compared with the previous generation, the code name is W204 Of C level , The center console in the car has 20 The invasion of inches , The results have been greatly improved .
besides , Mercedes C Class in 40% Frontal offset collision 、 Side impact and roof strength are among these test items , Mercedes C All levels have obtained “ optimal ” The evaluation of .
Mercedes C The level is equipped with a very good collision prevention assistance system , The system runs at... Per hour 30km/h The above will activate , If you are too close to the vehicle in front 、 Sudden deceleration 、 Or when there is a static barrier , The system will give a visual and audible warning to the driver , When a collision risk is detected , It can help the driver increase the braking force , Prevent vehicle collision . This function is equipped on many Mercedes Benz models , And many consumers highly praised this function .
   lexus   NX
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lexus NX It belongs to a relatively novel model , When it was just launched , It has an exaggerated design , And exquisite interior Technology , At that time, it seemed very futuristic . In China ,NX It has also become the most popular brand of Lexus SUV models , Its exaggerated appearance is deeply loved by young people , Now it has been on the market for nearly 7 It's been years , It has also reached the time node of generation renewal .
A whole new generation NX It also made its debut at this year's Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan Auto Show , It also has a very avant-garde design , But even if the new model is coming , There is still no discount for the old models .
2015 Lexus NX In the crash test , Driver's side 25% The frontal offset collision obtained “G” Grade , The results are excellent . in addition , In case of vehicle collision , The front and side airbags work well together , To protect the head of the person in the vehicle , Prevent collision with hard objects .
The upcoming new generation of Lexus NX, Based on Toyota's TNGA-K Platform to build , Officials call it a new generation NX In terms of body rigidity, it is improved compared with the old model 30%~65%, And the security configuration has also been improved in all aspects , And the standard configuration rate will be higher than the old models , So a new generation NX In terms of collision performance , Should be able to achieve the same or better results as the old models .
lexus NX Carrying LSS+ Intelligent security system , Including pre PCS Crash safety system 、AHB Automatic high beam control system 、ACC Adaptive cruise control 、LDA Lane departure warning system and LTA Intelligent lane tracking system, etc , Escort for driving safety . in addition , Lexus will include gasoline cars when buying cars 4 Years or
10 10000 km free maintenance and warranty service , Hybrid models 6 Years or 15 10000 km free maintenance, warranty and other services . therefore , In terms of maintenance , Make car owners more worry free , This is also one of the aspects that everyone loves Lexus .
source : Know the car (id:idongche), Know the car, know you better !
author : A Zhe ; Please take the above information as automatic authorization

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