The preview of Dihao L / Boyue X was exposed and launched at Chengdu auto show

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preview dihao boyue exposed launched

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In recent days, , Geely Automobile has released the preview of two new cars , Because the scene of the new car preview is dark , By increasing the exposure of the picture, it is found that these two new cars are Imperial L And boyue X, Both new cars adopt the latest family design . according to the understanding of , emgrand L And boyue X It will be launched at Chengdu auto show .

After dimming , You can see the model name on the license plate , However, due to the limited resolution , Dear card friends, forgive me .

Can see , Both new cars adopt the latest family design , Before that, we have exposed Imperial L The declaration chart of , details 【 Just click review 】. In terms of motivation , emgrand L Will carry one 1.4T The engine , Maximum power is 103kW(141 horsepower ).

Previously exposed Imperial L Declaration chart

Geely, the more X It is a new product for the young consumer market SUV, Upgrade the appearance of boyue , The air inlet grille adopts a large mouth design . In terms of motivation , Geely, the more X Will pick up 1.8T The engine , The most powerful 135kW(183 horsepower ), Peak torque 300Nm, Equipped with a 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

The previously exposed boyue X Declaration chart

Edit comment on : In terms of appearance design , Geely emgrand L And boyue X On the basis of family design, the grid size is increased , This approach will make new cars more popular with young consumers . At the Chengdu auto show , Two new cars will officially debut , Let's look forward to it .

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