Domestic version of "Porsche", Great Wall Euler lightning cat real car, round your dream of luxury car

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domestic version porsche great wall

Great Wall Motor as a domestic automobile brand , It has launched many competitive models . The Great Wall Euler lightning cat is the latest model launched by the Great Wall , It looks like a Porsche , It can be said to be a domestic version “ porsche ”, Let's see .

The overall shape of the Great Wall Euler lightning cat is very sporty and cute . The front of the car is very low , Sporty . The front face closed air inlet grille design is in line with the characteristics of new energy vehicles . On the hood “ Frog eye ” The headlights look three-dimensional , Very dynamic .

The side lines are very beautiful , Create a rising visual effect , Very fashionable . The door handle adopts a hidden design . The body adopts the shape of big sliding back , Strong sports breath , A cyclone wheel hub is used below , sporty .

The tail light is placed on the side of the body , Looks very personal , Very unique . The overall sense of hierarchy of the tail is very strong .

The interior adopts a three width multifunctional steering wheel , Equipped with suspended central control screen . The instrument panel adopts the barrel shape , Very stylish . The interior is decorated with a lot of brown , Full of sense of quality .

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