New Lingke 03 + exposure, the king of domestic performance vehicles?

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new lingke exposure king domestic

So-called " Hunger marketing ", This is what Toyota is good at , lexus ES Increase the price and queue up , Let you doubt life , But you may not have thought , This demonic marketing method , One day it can be used on domestic independent brands , you 're right , It's link 03+.

Whether it's beauty 、 To configure , Or power , Enough for it to have " A car is hard to get " Capital , Therefore, the sales volume has no reference value .

Like Ferrari 、 Lamborghini is famous for these super runs , It's because they brush the coil and stay wire at Nurburgring or other tracks , It is conceivable that the sports gene born on the track , And link 03+ Also took a similar path , Can it be called a domestic performance car .

Besides , According to the official news of Lingke automobile , It will release new models at the upcoming Chengdu auto show 03+, At present, a group of new car trailers have been released , Let's have a brief understanding .

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