The new Audi S5 has a cool appearance + four exhaust, and has a strong sports flavor

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new audi s5 cool appearance

The new audi S5, Positioning medium car , The appearance design adopts a sports style , Honeycomb texture is adopted inside the large mouth air inlet grille + Dot matrix makeup , The shape of the headlight set is very sharp , When lit, the effect is excellent , in addition , The shape of the lower lip is integrated with the front surround , Create a very full front-end look . To the side , The roof line of the car passes through B After the column, it began to slide , Supplemented by the design of double waist line , The sports atmosphere has been created quite well , Very impressive . The rear part , The new car adopts a sporty design , The blackened tail lamp group is very harmonious with the slightly cocked duckling tail , At the same time, cooperate with the exhaust layout with four outlets on both sides , It can make the vehicle more sporty .

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