If 300000 people want to buy SUVs with good sound insulation, they might as well take a look at these models. They can be isolated from the world by closing the door

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people want buy suvs good

How to define a car as luxury , In addition to the working materials 、 In addition to various comfort configurations , Sound insulation and quietness are also particularly important reference points . Recent years SUV In China, the heat remains high , The reason is that the space flexibility is good , Passing ability is also very good , Driving out is also in line with public aesthetics . that 30 Which products have good sound insulation effect at a price of about 10000 ? Let's take an inventory today .

NO.1: Cadillac XT5

Cadillac has always been famous “ Stacker ”, The entry-level model can buy quite good functional configuration , Compare with BBA A lot of conscience .XT5 As the main sales model , In terms of sound insulation and quietness ANC Active noise reduction , Double laminated glass , The performance in the face of environmental noise is very good , Closing the door really feels a sense of seclusion . In addition, this variable cylinder 2.0T The engine has also been optimized in terms of running quality , The sound transmitted to the car during high turn is not disturbing .

In addition to sound insulation and quietness ,XT5 It also has advantages in riding comfort , The seat filler is soft enough , Passengers can feel a sense of embeddedness on it , Very wrapped , There won't be too much pressure for a long ride .4813*1903*1682mm Body dimensions and 2857mm The wheelbase , Even if there are three adults in the back row at the same time, it won't feel too crowded .

NO.2: Lincoln adventurer

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