Appearance power upgrade new scenery 580 is about to appear

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appearance power upgrade new scenery

Judging from the latest news , New scenery 580 It will be officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show , With the blessing of the new design language , The appearance of the new car has been raised to a new height , The power carried on the power is 135 Kilowatts 1.5T The engine .

The specific term , The appearance of the new car is very different from that of the current model , The front face adopts a large black spindle medium mesh , And add chrome plating decoration on the top , It is connected with the headlamp . It is worth noting that , Red decoration is also added in the fog lamp areas on both sides , With the black front lip, it is full of movement .

The side shape of the new car is close to the cash , however C Modification of column position , Bring better visual effects . Add the popular through tail lamp at the tail , The upper part is a large-size deflector , Below is a chrome plated exhaust decoration with two sides .

It is worth noting that , The new car is equipped with a miller cycle 1.5T The engine , Power is 135 kw , Torque for 300 cattle · rice , Officials say the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is less than 7 l .

Objective to , Cash brand new scenery 580 It is a medium-sized enterprise with high cost performance in the market SUV, And this upgrade in appearance and power , It further shortens the shortcut with old rivals X70 PLUS The gap between , However, the specific performance of the car depends on the sales volume after listing .

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