Again! You can afford 8000 a month! Accord vs red flag HS5

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afford month accord vs red

Automobile is one of the most representative products of the technological frontier , Many new technologies will take the lead in the use of car bodies , Therefore, high-tech configuration is loved by people . When it comes to configuration, we have to mention accord and red flag HS5 These two cars are gone . Now let's follow Xiaobian and see what they do .

models : Honda accord 2018 paragraph 2.0L hybrid Ruiku version

The guided :19.98 Ten thousand yuan

The accord 2018 paragraph 2.0L hybrid The front of the ruiku version looks very sporty , With sharp headlights , The exquisite sense of design is outstanding .

, The accord 2018 paragraph 2.0L hybrid The interior of ruiku version is mainly black , The interior presents a home design style , Although there are few highlights , But it is very consistent with its overall style . From the perspective of central control , The car is equipped with suspended LCD central control screen , Reasonable layout , And it looks beautiful , And equipped with front side airbags 、 Tire pressure alarm 、 Traction control and other configurations .

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