Would you consider 2022 red flag H5, a domestic B-class car

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consider red flag h5 domestic

2022 paragraph The red flag H5 It's officially on the market , The biggest highlight of this car is , flowers A I can buy one at the price of a class car B Levels of car .

aesthetic ,2022 A red flag H5 Adopt the red flag family design style , Big mouth straight waterfall air inlet grille , Chrome plated trim strips are used around the . Both sides of the front of the car shall be full LED Headlights . Strong body lines , From the head lamp to the tail lamp ,19 Inch multi width wheel hub , The tail adopts a large tail , Flat exhaust design is adopted below , The vision of the whole vehicle is quite sporty .

interiors , Three auxiliary multifunctional steering wheel , Electronic gear lever , The central control adopts the design of suspended screen , Layered panels are also very temperament . In black and red , More prominent in temperament . The intelligent vehicle system has also been upgraded to 3.0 edition

motivation use 1.5T and 18.T The engine , matching 7 Wet double clutch gearbox and 6 Gearbox with gearbox gearbox . As a domestic B Levels of car , It has a good appearance and appearance , And people-friendly prices , You will consider this domestic B Is it a class car , Leave a comment in the comments section .

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