Volkswagen, each holding 50% shares, established a joint venture with tracetronic

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volkswagen holding shares established joint

8 month 25 Japan , Netcom learned from the official that , Volkswagen works hand in hand TraceTronic Set up a software automation integration joint venture ——neocx, And each holds 50% Shares of . future ,neocx A continuous integration and continuous test plant will be established . Volkswagen hopes to speed up the development of digital functions , To support such as ID. Each model 3 Months OTA Upgrade service items . The software update package before each upgrade will use neocx Integration and testing of solutions . therefore ,neocx The integration test will become an important part of the vehicle development process .

Wu Borui, member of the board of directors of Volkswagen passenger car brand management in charge of R & D (Thomas Ulbrich) Sir said :“ be based on ACCELERATE strategic , We are committed to building cars into software driven products . therefore , The safe and efficient integration of software into our products will be the core competitiveness of Volkswagen . Our new joint venture neocx It is the basis for us to continuously improve our professional ability in this field , Ensure that Volkswagen can provide consumers with a first-class digital driving experience .”

TraceTronic The group CEO Rocco Deutschmann Sir said :“ We are pleased that Volkswagen has chosen to work with TraceTronic cooperation , And start large-scale production for Volkswagen and its suppliers CI/CT factory . By adopting TraceTronic Software tools and expertise , We provide global customers with the most cutting-edge technology for continuous integration and testing of Automotive Software .”( chart / writing Netcom Yin Jianwei )

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