People's modern car: Baojun Kiwi EV listed at the end of the month

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people modern car baojun kiwi

With the development of society , The car is gradually moving towards people's homes , Up to now, different types of cars meet different needs . Based on what the people need , What Wuling makes , Wuling launched Wuling Hongguang Mini EV It's convenient for people to travel , As a sub brand of Wuling , Baojun also launched KiWi EV, And will 8 month 31 Day on the market .

Bao Jun's KiWi EV It first appeared in the public view before and after the Shanghai Auto Show , Its flexible design , The beautiful appearance and novel shape of Shanghai auto show really made Baojun the limelight .

At present, the car has started pre-sale , There are two versions , The basic version is named “ Designer ”, The advanced version is named “ The artist ”.KiWi EV Starting price of 6.98 Ten thousand yuan , The difference between the high-level version and the basic version is about 9000 element .

The car is positioned as a micro pure electric vehicle , Officials say the car's combined range exceeds 300 km , The whole department is equipped with 40 Degree lithium iron phosphate battery .

The main difference between the basic version and the advanced version is the charging system , The basic version only supports slow charging , The advanced version adds a DC fast charging module on the basis of the original slow charging to improve the charging efficiency , And also increased household 220V Power collection function , It's more convenient to use the car .

In addition, there are some differences between the high-level version and the basic version in terms of interior decoration , The advanced version is equipped with leather seats , Standard configuration PM2.5 Air filtration system, etc . In terms of intelligent interconnection, the two configured models are the standard configuration of the whole series, Baojun car networking 2.0 System , Support voice interaction , Online music and online maps .

Besides , baojun KiWi EV Support APP Remote control ,OTA Upgrade, etc. , The car will be on 8 month 31 Day on the market , At present, a small number of cars have arrived at the store , If you like, you can go to the store and have a look .

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