Not good enough: musk stated that automatic driving FSD

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good musk stated automatic driving

When it comes to autonomous driving , I believe no one will think that Tesla's technology and achievements in the field of automatic driving are not in the forefront of the industry , And Tesla's CEO Musk is also known as Silicon Valley iron man because of his crazy pursuit and confidence in technology . And that's how I think “ Iron man ” Recently, it seems that the automatic driving suit has been soft .

In recent days, , Musk said on his personal social platform ,FSD 9.2 The beta version is actually not very good , But its AI And the autopilot team are trying to improve , They need more time and more training .

In fact, this is not the first time musk has publicly expressed the difficulty of automatic driving , In fact, not long ago , Musk has publicly admitted that automatic driving is actually more difficult than he thought .

The automatic driving route currently adopted by Tesla is very different from the technical route widely adopted in the industry . At present, there are about three schools for automatic driving : Lidar pie , High precision mappers and Tesla .

First, lidar is literally , It mainly relies on lidar to detect road conditions , Thus, the driving of the vehicle is assisted and even controlled by the machine algorithm , This method requires less calculation , It can adapt to most road conditions through appropriate algorithms , But it is certain that the cost is high , Vulnerable to the weather .

And automatic driving relying on high-precision maps , It has low requirements for artificial intelligence algorithms , But the shortcomings are fatal , The update frequency of high-precision map is high , And it is impossible to complete the established automatic driving operation in the area without high-precision map coverage .

Tesla FSD Relying only on optical cameras , This has great requirements and challenges for the large-scale training of algorithmic neural networks . But its advantages are also obvious , The cost is low , It can be completely transplanted to the new model through simple changes , And simulating human driving habits to drive vehicles .

Musk's statement revealed to the outside world FSD Signals that will not be officially commercially available in the short term , For the love FSD For consumers , Using this feature may need to wait .

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