Luxury models take the lead: Mercedes Benz Chengdu auto show lineup exposure

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luxury models lead mercedes benz

Mercedes Benz as a luxury brand BBA Big brother in , Its product line is also BBA The most complete brand . As one of the four major A Chengdu auto show, one of the first-class auto shows , Mercedes Benz is unlikely to be absent . Mercedes Benz's exhibition lineup is stronger than before , Several new models will be officially listed in this auto show .

Mercedes Benz will bring Mercedes Maybach, which many powerful and successful people have been looking forward to for a long time S 580 4MATIC, It will be officially listed at the Chengdu auto show .

It is reported that , The new models will be re polished in terms of design and function in terms of previous luxury , Enhance the sense of luxury and technology of the new car . At the same time, according to the prediction of relevant people , The power of the new car will also be improved to a certain extent .

In addition to luxury , Mercedes Benz also offered a hard dish for small partners who like performance cars , AMG A 35 L 4MATIC The blazing night special edition will also be launched simultaneously at this Chengdu auto show .

As a special edition , The new car will be based on cash AMG A35L From some upgrades , The main upgrade is to add some special edition exclusive personalized configurations , To give the car more moving elements .

In addition to the above two models , Mercedes Benz will also launch new business models at this Chengdu auto show - The new V Class, The new models adopt more and bolder elements in appearance design , To highlight the atmosphere of luxury and business .

In addition, according to the prediction of relevant people , New Mercedes Benz V Class It will also redesign the criticized interior part , Replace more comfort accessories to meet consumers' needs for luxury and business models .

With the opening of Chengdu auto show , All the above conjectures are about to be verified , Let's look forward to what kind of surprise this Mercedes Benz will bring us .

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