The car is on fire! Finally fire! 8000 a month, buy it without blinking! Lingpai vs Baojun rc-6

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car finally month buy blinking

Although nowadays, new energy vehicles have become a trend , But fuel vehicles still dominate the mainstream , In the future, the competition between the two will be more and more fierce . If you want to buy a gasoline car , Let's take a look at Ling Pai and Baojun RC-6. Are these two cars mules or horses , Let's take a look at their actual performance .

models : Honda Lingpai 2019 paragraph 180Turbo CVT Deluxe edition countries VI

The guided :11.98 Ten thousand yuan

Ling sent 2019 paragraph 180Turbo CVT The front face of the luxury version has taken the route of personality publicity , Large mouth grille with chrome trim , With the sharp headlights , In line with the taste of most consumers .

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