It's still the most fragrant medium-sized car! 8000 a month! Trumpchi ga6 vs Ruicheng CC

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fragrant medium-sized medium sized car

It's not expensive to use 、 It's comfortable to sit , This is the characteristic of mainstream cars , In a glance , They have high visibility on the road . The next trumpchi GA6 He Ruicheng CC These two cars are typical medium-sized cars . Come and have a look at them .

models : Gac and kei GA6 2019 paragraph 270T Auto Deluxe countries VI

The guided :12.68 Ten thousand yuan

The kei GA6 2019 paragraph 270T The front face of the automatic deluxe version is very personalized , The grid is designed with polygons , Add a silver strip , It looks sharp , Strong sense of strength .

, The kei GA6 2019 paragraph 270T The auto luxury interior looks deep and elegant as a whole , It seems that the atmosphere is coordinated . The car is equipped with a reversing image 、 Driver's keyless entry function 、 Multiple configurations such as automatic parking , It's quite functional , This is undoubtedly very friendly to the driver .

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