Household MPV can choose it, which is stronger than Wuling Kaijie and equipped with two independent seats

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household mpv choose stronger wuling

The kei M6 PRO. In fact, the old trumpchi M6 The appearance of the model is a little dignified and old-fashioned , At that time, many consumers said , If only the appearance could be improved . The kei M6 PRO You can see the change this time , Because trumpchi M6 PRO The design of is obviously radical , Looks younger . The front face adopts a through type large-size air inlet grille , And it's an arrow feather design , It looks very personal , The headlight groups on both sides adopt matrix design , The overall fierce temperament has also been further highlighted .

Unlike the front face , The kei M6 PRO The side of the car body looks like a very standard MPV models , Fang Fangzheng is very calm . The waist line of the car body is relatively high , And through the whole body , It also makes the visual effect of the car body look more slender to a certain extent . stay D The column position also has bright black coating , From the rear , It also created a visual effect of suspended roof . Through tail lamp is also a popular style and element at present , But unfortunately , The kei M6 PRO No side sliding doors , The convenience is slightly insufficient . Same as MPV Compared with Wuling Kaijie , The kei M6 PRO Your appearance seems to be higher .

The kei M6 PRO The interior doesn't follow the popular science fiction route , Although the overall design is not so fashionable , But through trumpchi M6 PRO The workmanship and routing of the can still show the overall intention , And the luxury in the car is also quite outstanding . The car is also equipped 7 Inch LCD dashboard 10.25 Integrated large screen composed of inch central control screen , This also adds a lot of highlights to the car , The luxurious atmosphere in the car is also more outstanding than Wuling Kaijie .

It is worth mentioning that , The kei M6 PRO Because of the new car engine system , So all aspects of performance have improved . Plus upload Qi M6 PRO The whole system is equipped with keyless entry as standard / start-up 、 Reversing image 、 Leather multi-function steering wheel 、 Leather seats 、 Automatic air conditioning, etc , So the configuration is very rich and complete . The kei M6 PRO Our position is entry-level MPV models , So the dimensions of length, width and height are 4780*1837*1730(1765) mm , The wheelbase is 2810 mm . There are two separate seats in the second row , Extremely comfortable .

The kei M6 PRO In terms of power, it is still equipped with 1.5T engine , The transmission matches 7 Wet double clutch gearbox , The maximum horsepower is 169 horse , The maximum torque is 265 Cattle meters , From the book data , This data is not very good , But as an entry-level MPV Come on , Absolutely enough , and The kei M6 PRO The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is 7.5 l , This fuel consumption is very suitable for home use .

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