Mecha break, fuel engine upgrade! 2022 uni-t officially launched

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mecha break fuel engine upgrade

2021 year 8 month 25 Japan , Changan Automobile high-end product series UNI, With 《 One day the store manager 》 The form of star variety show , by 2022 paragraph UNI-T Held a vivid creative conference . In the country 400 Many media and UNI Under the witness of users ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Officially listed , Introduction 5 Model configuration , Official guidance price range 11.59-13.89 Ten thousand yuan .

With 2022 paragraph UNI-T Announcement of the official selling price , It also brings consumers five super power preferential policies , That is, super grab : Enjoy when you buy a car 1000 Yuan limited time red envelope ; Super enjoy :0 interest ,24/36 period 0 The interest rate , Supreme 5 Super long low interest loan for years ;10 ten thousand U The coin teleporter rewards ; Super energy exchange : Replace to Gaoxiang 6000 Yuan subsidy , Buy more and enjoy 2000 Yuan subsidy ; Super protection : The core parts of the engine are guaranteed for life ;588 Yuan purchase 3 Years or 6 Service times ,888 Yuan purchase 6 Years or 12 Service times ; Super power hi :3 Annual free entertainment traffic , Lifetime free basic traffic . A series of car purchases 、 Great car, great welfare policy , Bring more surprises to young new users ,“ Future mass production of science and Technology ”2022 paragraph UNI-T Will be their favorite choice !

As a high-end product series of Chang'an Automobile UNI The first model of ,UNI-T In the youth movement SUV Keep leading on the track , since 2020 year 6 Since launch in , Its cumulative sales reached 11.44 Thousands of cars .2021 year 5 month , Leading Tide listed UNI-T The sports edition not only created the tide reform culture , The accumulation of market sales and word-of-mouth continues to add strength ,UNI-T The sales volume of the series in the first half of the year has achieved nearly 4.6 The outstanding achievement of 10000 vehicles . Today, ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Once again opened a new prelude to taking advantage of the momentum , All products are renewed and upgraded , And deliver the youth movement to young users again SUV The unique charm of .

New upgrade of combustion engine 2022 paragraph UNI-T Burst more power

UNI To satisfy young users' desire for speed ,2022 paragraph UNI-T In terms of motivation , Carrying a new generation of blue whales NE1.5T+ Blue whale 7DCT High efficiency Powertrain , After upgrading, the peak power is increased to 138kW, Peak torque reached 300N·m(1500rpm-4000rpm), Adopt advanced electromagnetic control turbocharging technology , Effectively reduce throttle response delay , So that the rapid power can burst out in an instant . Blue whale 7 The speed wet double clutch transmission has quick shifting action , The process is like running water , Almost no sense of frustration .2022 paragraph UNI-T With strong motivation , It's also more comfortable and fuel-efficient .

The mecha is charming 2022 paragraph UNI-T Take you out of the street

“ SA ” Gas appearance value , Hard core mecha has its own eye absorption attribute .2022 paragraph UNI-T Based on the continuation of family boundless design , The body is equipped with super refined sports , Strengthen the dynamic visual impact . Split LED The headlights shine , Blend with unbounded grid , The grille is built-in and original “ A clover ” Concealed grille lamp , Like the stars of the Milky way , Shining , The sense of technology is bursting .

2022 paragraph UNI-T Upgrade machine armor and new boots , Equipped with 20 Inch flexible double five wheel hub , Matte grey banners radiate outward , Exudes athletic charm . Green contains the rhythm of life ,2022 paragraph UNI-T new “ Mecha green ” Body color matching ignites the fashion trend , Stimulate the imagination of young users , The appearance of the new mecha attracts attention every time you go out of the street !

Enhance detail quality 2022 paragraph UNI-T Build a smart cockpit

2022 paragraph UNI-T“ product ”、“ type ” Like one , Exquisite high-quality technology cockpit , The central control surface adopts the cross drawing panel with metal layered texture , With brand new black 、 Add light gray and two colors to match the interior perfectly , The details are dotted with orange stitches , Create a thought-provoking quality design aesthetic feeling .

When driving , The closest contact with the user's body feeling is the seat ,2022 paragraph UNI-T The new seat surface adopts scientific and technological punching pattern , Every quilting , They are all carved by designers , Exquisite detail technology quenches high-end quality . The headrest and leg rest are made of environmental protection suede , Bring users an extremely soft touch experience .2022 paragraph UNI-T Upgrade double 12.3 Inch smart dual screen ,FACE ID × Super account to achieve efficient car brushing , Intelligent service users , Be a warm travel housekeeper for users .

“ Future mass production of science and Technology ”2022 paragraph UNI-T In the spotlight, the wonderful listing , With a reasonable price range , And the advantages of a number of welfare policies , Continuously strengthening UNI-T The core competitiveness of the series . At the highly anticipated product level , The new mecha style appearance with ultra-high appearance value , It has won the pursuit of countless young new users . in addition ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Also upgraded with more power , The quality and workmanship of cockpit details are also more brilliant , Intelligent technology configuration brings extraordinary experience to young new users , Let them feel the value of the product itself , Also let them feel UNI The joy of living with a car !

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