New benchmark of C + class luxury car - Hongqi H9

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new benchmark class luxury car

Red Flag brand has always been a solemn representative , In China, no one knows , The design of each model of red flag reveals noble temperament everywhere , Therefore, it has attracted many people's attention . And the red flag H9 As a benchmark for Oriental luxury cars , The red flag design team is “ still · Cause · It means ”( noble 、 The acme 、 Artistic conception ) Based on design philosophy and family design gene , Combine user needs with life scenarios , In depth study of oriental aesthetics , Built this C+ New benchmark of class a luxury car —— The red flag H9.

aesthetic , The red flag H9 Adopt the latest family design language , It makes me feel solemn , The oversized straight waterfall air inlet grille shows his luxurious identity .

Shining matrix LED The whole headlamp set is dignified and domineering . The red flag in the center extends from the China open to the hood , It's highly recognizable .

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