The official drawing of the new Infiniti qx80 has been officially released, and the interior design has been greatly upgraded!

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official drawing new infiniti qx80

In recent days, , Infiniti's official website released a heavy news , The new infiniti QX80 upcoming , And distributed a group of new car official pictures .

First appearance on , The new car still continues the family design style , It has a strong aftertaste . Front part , The new car adopts a family type large-size air inlet grille , The blade like lamp gives a sharp smell , With bold lines , Make the whole vehicle feel domineering and side leakage . Look sideways , The new car has not changed much about the design of lines , This also makes the straightness of the new car quickly enlarge .

And interior , The new car has been completely upgraded , This is also the part that drivers look forward to most . The small screen of the old model was completely abandoned , The central 12.3 The inch suspended central control screen looks particularly bright , And with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Mobile Internet , Make the configuration of the new car more meet the needs of young people now . Besides , The new car is also equipped with common mobile phone wireless charging 、 The automatic air conditioning 、GPS Navigation and other facilities .

motivation , The new car will continue the old configuration , carrying 5.6L V8 The engine , Maximum power accessible 400 horsepower , The maximum torque is 555N·m, At the same time equipped with 7 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

A tough shape 、 Powerful driving force for fashionable configuration of science and Technology , I'm afraid it's the favorite of every male user . Although it is a Japanese car enterprise , But the strong American style also makes people feel the difference of this car company . In this era dominated by new energy vehicles , infiniti QX80 Appearance , It has also brought changes to this market .

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