Why is the fuel consumption of cars getting higher and higher? It is important to know the following points

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fuel consumption cars getting higher

I often hear people say , Can afford a car , Can't afford a car , Fuel consumption is a big financial expenditure in daily life . Car owners want to better reduce fuel consumption , After all, saving fuel is saving money, But I found , The more you drive, the easier it is , But the fuel consumption is getting higher and higher , How can we save fuel ?

1、 Throw away the unnecessary sundries in the car

Many people have the habit of putting the sundries and other things used in their daily life into the trunk. Clean up the garbage on their car and the things that don't need to be put into the car . According to the investigation of relevant departments , Every increase 45 The weight of kg will increase the fuel consumption of the car by about 2%, A full storage compartment may not save you the cost of living , More is the higher fuel consumption .

2、 Check the engine cleaning carbon deposit

Now there are more and more cars , As a result, there has been a traffic jam during the commute in the city , Car stop and go will produce carbon deposition , Over time, more and more carbon deposits ; In addition, because of some poor quality gasoline , It will also increase the carbon deposition of the engine . Excessive carbon deposition is caused by this reason , Affect the intake effect and mixture quality of the engine , This leads to a drop in vehicle power, not to mention , And fuel consumption will soar . So experienced car owners will clean up the carbon deposits regularly , It's very convenient to use professional cleaning products to clean carbon deposits , This can play a positive role in engine life and fuel consumption .

3、 Wrong engine oil

Riders know , Now there are many new engines on the market , Like a turbocharged engine , Their maintenance is different from ordinary naturally aspirated engines , There are also advantages and disadvantages in selecting engine oil . The engine oil is not selected , Not only affects fuel consumption , Fortunately, I hurt the car , Do more harm than good .

4、 Oxygen sensor fault

The oxygen sensor is a ceramic element located on the exhaust pipe of the engine , It is used to detect and control the ratio of oxygen to fuel . Failure may occur after use for a period of time , Thus, the injection of fuel cannot be accurately controlled , Often more fuel injection . If your car suddenly increases fuel consumption , It is often the oxygen sensor that has a problem . commonly 8-11 Ten thousand kilometers will be replaced .

5、 Idle for a long time

Many people like to turn on the air conditioner at idle speed when they are waiting for someone or in a traffic jam , In fact, this is very fuel consuming , Idling for a long time not only consumes a lot of oil, but also may cause carbon deposition , Lead to a lot of car problems , therefore , If people stop for a long time , Don't keep idling , You'd better turn off the engine .

6、 Abnormal tire pressure 、 Tire wear

Many car owners tend to ignore the importance of tire pressure , Low tire pressure will increase the friction between the tire and the ground , After the driving resistance increases , Fuel consumption will naturally rise . Normal tire pressure at 2.5bar about , Summer can reduce 0.1bar. Besides , If the tire has serious wear , There will be some slippage . For most cars ,4 You should change a new set of tires about 10000 kilometers .

7、 Pay attention to the cleanliness of the air conditioner

Using air conditioning for a long time in summer is also a major reason for car fuel consumption , Let the engine run for a few minutes when the vehicle starts , Turn on the air conditioner after all parts of the engine are fully lubricated , This can reduce engine loss , Prolong life , It's good for reducing fuel consumption . in addition , Ensure that there is no foreign matter blocking the air outlet of the air conditioner , Otherwise, it will affect the wind , So many people will advance the air conditioning stalls in advance , It will also increase fuel consumption .

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