Hongguang miniev welcomes the strong enemy! Chery QQ ice cream official figure release: cute and cute

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hongguang miniev welcomes strong enemy

Today, , Chery's iCar First product “QQ ice cream ” Official map officially released .

It is reported that , chery QQ Ice cream will appear at the Chengdu auto show at the end of this month , Then it was officially listed in the fourth quarter of this year .

From the official Chery QQ Look at the ice cream makeup , The appearance of the whole car is very small , The front face adopts the common closed design of new energy models , Match with U Model headlamp , Very silly 、 lovely .

in addition , The charging interface is located in the middle of the front face Logo It's about .

chery QQ The ice cream is designed with double doors and two compartments ,U Type tail lights echo with the front of the vehicle , meanwhile , The license plate area is painted black , It is quite integrated with the through black design under the front grille .

It is worth mentioning that , chery QQ Ice cream adopts the popular suspended roof design , More in line with the aesthetic needs of young people .

Three body colors have been officially released this time , More options are expected in the future .

According to the previous declaration information , The car body size is long 、 wide 、 High respectively 2980/1496/1637mm, The wheelbase is 1960mm.

motivation , chery QQ Ice cream will be equipped with maximum power 20 Kilowatt drive motor , The battery will be equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery pack , At present, there is no information about the mileage that consumers are most concerned about .

however , In view of the positioning of the car and Wuling Hongguang MINIEV identical , They are mainly in the urban area , Therefore, the endurance can refer to Hongguang MINIEV.

This year, 6 month , Chery announced strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud , And launch Chery iCar Ecological brand .

The brand's first product series is named “QQ”, The first product is QQ ice cream , Positioning small pure electric vehicles .

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