The rich buy Lexus es and the poor buy Toyota Asia Dragon, but the same platform has a different 'life'

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rich buy lexus es poor

At home , rely on " original " Your import status , lexus ES It can be said that it has become the first choice for many rich people to buy cars . They gave up BBA Inside E level 、5 system 、A6L, In order to enjoy the ultimate experience of the so-called Toyota craftsman spirit . After all , Many people think Lexus ES For luxury 、 Comfort has its own unique views , Plus its 29.00-48.89 The price range of 10000 , So it naturally becomes the most suitable model for those rich people .

Look again 2020 year ES Sales data of , It's just a car , Lexus sold 114641 car , It also supports the sales of the whole Lexus brand in China . So I have to say , Such sales performance is really very strong .

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