Proud of its own brand, the brand-new gs8 is heavy and resistant to joint venture models of the same level

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proud brand brand-new brand new

In the middle and high end SUV market , Independent brands have always been weak , Trumpchi's GS8 As one of the domestic models , It also has a certain weight in the market , It can be said that it can resist the same level of joint venture models with its own strength .

new GS8 The overall shape of the front face is very domineering . The oversized air intake grille looks even more domineering . Grating and sides T The zigzag headlights are connected , The overall sense is very strong . The diversion port adopts concave design , It also looks very dynamic and fashionable .

The side waistline is very smooth , Very appreciative .C Column and D The columns were all blackened , Creates the visual effect of the suspended roof , Looks more athletic . The multi spoke wheel hub at the bottom also looks sporty ,

The tail lamp adopts a vertical design , The three-dimensional feeling is very strong . The exhaust mode of bilateral co outlet is adopted below . Power on , Its fuel version will provide 2.0T, It will also be equipped with GAC 2.0T TOYOTA THS Composed of a hybrid system , It can have high performance and low fuel consumption at the same time .

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