Cheap and strength, why is Kia kx3 proud to run hard to sell?

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In recent years, the sales volume of Korean brand models is much lower than before , therefore , We will find that the price of Korean cars is getting lower and lower , The configuration has also been upgraded . And one of 10 About ten thousand yuan kia KX3 Proud run , In fact, the cost performance is not low , Then why is it difficult to sell well , Let's take a look .

In appearance , kia KX3 The front face of aopao is a quadrilateral middle net, and the middle is filled with bright black rhombic air inlet grille , The upper and lower sides are decorated with silver trim panels , Create a good sense of refinement . Come to the side of the car , The hard line design of the upper part , And 17 Inch rim combination , Enhance the sense of power of the whole vehicle . The tail is simpler , Silver trim panels and chrome plating are used in many places , among LED The tail lamp is inlaid in the trim strip , The sense of hierarchy has been further improved .

The interior enters the vehicle , You'll find Kia KX3 Aopao trapezoidal central control design and quadrilateral air conditioning outlet are very retro , But on this basis, the design of dual screen and electronic gear handle are used , It looks scientific and fashionable , But the material of the central control is relatively general . configuration , This car is equipped with a reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Speech recognition system 、 Keyless entry 、CarLife mapping 、 Internet of vehicles and other functions .

Space Kia KX3 The length, width and height of proud running are 4345mm1800mm1645mm, The wheelbase is 2630mm, Locate the small SUV It doesn't have much space in the car , But the good thing is that the layout is reasonable , And equipped with... In the front and rear rows USB Interface , Support seat down , It can expand more rear compartment space .

Power Kia KX3 Aopao is equipped with a 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum horsepower 115Ps, Maximum torque 143.8N·m, The transmission system matches CVT Stepless gearbox , Official comprehensive fuel consumption 5.4L/100km, This parameter data is not excellent , But after all, the body is small and powerful enough for daily use . Written at the end of Kia KX3 The sales volume of aopao is not high , Many people think it's the product itself , But from the above data , This car is pretty good as a family car , In addition, if you look at other Kia models, you will find , The product itself doesn't have much short board, but it still can't sell . So investigate the reason , The biggest possibility is to be dragged down by the brand .

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