As long as the price is reasonable, it is not impossible to sell out of 500 tanks!

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long price reasonable impossible sell

In the tank 300 After success , The Great Wall is not immersed in “ victory ” In the joy of , Instead, they are constantly engaged in the research and development of new cars , It is named tank 500, And officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show . It is worth noting that , Recently, the interior of the new car has been exposed on the Internet , Let's have a look ! The new car does not use the popular dual screen instrument , It's a stand-alone design . At the same time, it is matched with wooden panels , And add a small clock in the middle .

tanks 500 The steering wheel and gear handle of tanks 300 Will be similar , But the details are slightly different , The former has more high-grade decoration . Besides , From the keys around the gear , The new car will have various driving modes .

overall , The interior of the new car has a strong luxurious atmosphere , And this also echoes its atmospheric appearance . In terms of motivation , New cars will carry 3.0T The engine and has 48V Light mixed system , The transmission system is 9AT transmission . So objectively speaking , In terms of positioning and configuration, the new car will be one of the domestic off-road vehicles “ Only one ”, Simultaneous country 6 Appearance , It also shut out many Japanese hardliners , This is undoubtedly for the tank 500 Opened up more markets , If the great wall gives the new car a suitable price , Chengji tank 300 The second explosion is not impossible !

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