Known as "little Highlander", 171 horsepower, fuel consumption of 5.7L, 171800 cases, stable quality, not bad

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known little highlander horsepower fuel

Honda haoying has now successfully become a hot model in the domestic market , Because its shape is compared with that of its sister models CRV Younger , It's easier to get the attention of young consumers . Something else 1.5T Earth dream engine , It's even more powerful for haoying ,2021 In the first half of the year, the sales volume exceeded 6 Thousands of cars , It proves that this car is really competitive . And by contrast , Toyota willanda, which is also from behind with haoying , Its advantages are completely different from haoying , Compared with haoying, the sales volume is also thousands of units , even so , I think the strength of willanda has not been noticed by consumers for the time being .

hear “ Randa ” The name , The first thing you will think of must be hanlanda , Have to say , Hanlanda is famous in the Chinese market , Not only the annual price increase , The key is that this car is also very popular in the used car market , So as little hannanda , I think the strength of willanda should also be introduced from several aspects . First, the price , The official guide price of willanda is 17.18-24.18 Ten thousand yuan , On a non preferential basis , Willanda is better than RAV4 Rongfang is much cheaper , Besides, the terminal market also has certain concessions , If you care about the price , I think willanda is worthy of recognition . use TNGA Architecture to create , Willanda has superior active and passive safety configuration , The medium version is equipped with TSS Zhixing auxiliary system , Security is willanda's advantage .

Take willanda's entry-level two-wheel drive leading version as an example , In addition to the conventional front and rear six airbags , The knee airbag in the driver's seat is also added , And haoying and... At similar prices CRV, Only the main and auxiliary 4 airbag , The rear side airbag is only available for models with medium and high configuration and above , There are no knee airbags in the whole system , It can be seen that in case of emergency , Willanda can really give drivers and passengers more protection . If the budget is adequate , Luxury models are more worth starting with , Although it is different from the entry price 1 More than ten thousand , But I got driving assistance , Before and after the radar 、 Reversing image , as well as ACC Full speed adaptive cruise , It's like an old driver sitting next to him , Let safety accompany you .

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