Cause analysis of reverse gear failure and D gear failure of Buick yinglang

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cause analysis reverse gear failure

# Old drivers talk about car brands #

Recently, some yinglang car owners have reported that the vehicle cannot drive normally , Including any operation after startup, there is no response , Even abnormal acceleration and jitter ; There are many reactions to this failure , The owner said it was unacceptable , What's going on here ? Let's take a look at the common situations .

hang D Can't stop the car ( No response when stepping on the accelerator ) hang R Can't stop the car 50km/h Left and right acceleration jitter, gear shifting falter, high-speed driving can not rise to 6 Block and 「 High throttle acceleration speed increases 、 The speed can't be pulled up 」.

This is yinglang 、 Common problems of cars such as Cruze ,AT In fact, the gearbox is not so worry free , Durability is not as high as expected .

Yinglang's problems are mainly seen in 【6AT】 transmission

AT The gearbox is considered to be durable, mainly due to the reliability of the planetary gear set , The hydraulic torque converter has never been the so-called “ Infinite life ” and “ Will not wear ”; The torque converter is used to connect the engine and the transmission power input shaft , It's a transmission medium , When creeping at low speed, the engine drives the torque converter pump wheel to rotate , The pump wheel agitates the transmission oil to run , The oil flows to the turbine position through the guide wheel for transmission . There is really no wear problem in this transmission process , However, the average speed is more than 10km/h Or use 2 You can't drive hydraulically when you're in gear , What is needed at this time is “ One way lockup clutch ” Work .

chart 1: The torque converter consists of

chart 2: Hydraulic transmission concept

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