BMW i7 rendering exposure, or launch three models, with a maximum range of 700km

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bmw i7 rendering exposure launch

Not long ago, Mercedes Benz and Audi, the three brothers of the German family, broke out the road test spy photos of their electric vehicles , BMW, as one of them, has no movement , It makes many people curious , For this potential market , Is BMW just so perfunctory ? obviously , This is not the case , In recent days, , Some foreign media broke out about BMW i7 The latest rendering of .

From the front , BMW i7 There is still a big difference with fuel vehicles , The headlamp adopts a long, narrow and compact strip design , Four circular light sources are arranged inside , Give people an electrified effect . The fog lamp is parallel to the headlamp , It looks recognizable . The classic family double kidney China open has not been cancelled because of its electric vehicle , Instead, it looks more three-dimensional , The metal grille gives people an indestructible feeling . The grille at the bottom is also quite personalized , It looks full of car running .

From the side of the body , The waist line of the new car extends from the tail lamp to the headlamp , Body with sliding back design , Make the new car full of sports . The alloy wheel hub with five petals adopts hollow design , More refined and avant-garde . The black door handle forms a sharp contrast with the white body , And chose the hidden design , It gives people a high-end and luxurious atmosphere .

At the back of the car , The new car adopts the through tail light design , The narrow and compact tail lamps on both sides are connected together by thin strips , It gives people a feeling of delicacy and ability . The bottom is decorated in black , More trendy and sporty , No vent setting , It also makes the identity of the new electric car more obvious .

In the interior design , You can see BMW i7 A double width multifunctional steering wheel is adopted , The central control panel and instrument panel adopt the popular integrated suspension design , The rectangular screen looks more scientific . The air conditioning outlet in the car adopts retro fan blade design , Match with the physical keys on the center console and the solid wood color in the car , It gives people a sense of atmosphere and simplicity .

In terms of power performance , At present, the specific parameter information of the new car has not been published . according to the understanding of , This new car will compete with the new generation BMW as soon as the first quarter of next year 7 The Department appeared at the same time , Or launch three power models , Namely i740、i750 as well as i760, among i750 and i760 It's a 4WD version , The maximum power of its driving motor is 400kw. In terms of endurance , According to foreign media, it is speculated that , New cars or use 80kWh、100kWh as well as 120kWh Three options , Which carries 120kWh The maximum endurance of the model can reach 700km.

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