These two points in the anti Mafia storm prove that Sun Xing may not be Gao Mingyuan's own son

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points anti mafia storm prove

《 Black storm 》 this 2 Point proof , Sun Xing may not be , Gao Mingyuan's own son

Sun Xing's original name was “ Gogh ”, He Yun's son , Who is his father ?

In fact, it is not difficult to guess that he is Gao Mingyuan's son , After all, only his surname is Gao in the play , Not his seed and whose . And Gao Mingyuan also told he Yun : He is Sun Xing's father , I don't care who is in charge of Sun Xing .

But is Sun Xing really Gao Mingyuan's son ? From a lot of clues , May be . If Sun Xing is not his son , More than ten years ago, did he take so much trouble to get Gao He out , Should not . But these two points seem to tell the audience , Gao he is not Gao Mingyuan's son .

One 、 Gao Mingyuan doesn't care so much about Sun Xing

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