Xidan girl changed her ending in this way. If her father can't fight, fight herself

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xidan girl changed ending way.

She is a wandering singer ,2008 An ordinary day in the cold winter of , Her fate has completely changed .

It was very cold that day , She came to the underpass as usual , Take out the second-hand guitar that has been with her for four years , Start playing and singing 《 Angel's wings 》.

Sounds of nature , Attracted the attention of a young man , He listened and took the video , It's on the Internet .

Nobody thought of it , This video was wildly forwarded . In a short day , The playback volume reached 300 More than ten thousand .

Need to know , It was in 2008 year , Mobile Internet is still underdeveloped .

Need to know , That's an ordinary girl , An ordinary self playing and self singing video .

The girl got angry , No one knows her name , The audience affectionately called her “ Xidan girl ”.

Xidan girl's original name was Ren Yueli , After a night of popularity, life is like hanging up , Last Spring Festival Gala 、 Over 100 million , Completed a beautiful grassroots counter attack .

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