Faye Wong, a 14-year-old girl, is so arrogant that she dares to "lose her clothes" and show her legs when she is a minor. Why don't you care about being a mother?

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faye wong 14-year-old year old

Hot summer ,“ Lack of clothes ” The style of dressing is popular among girls . At first , This boldness 、 Personalized dressing style is only common among female stars and online celebrities , Later, it gradually affected ordinary people . Why? “ not have enough for food and clothing ” So popular ? in my opinion , There are two main factors . On the one hand, this style of dressing is more comfortable and convenient , It's also easy to match ; On the other hand, because of this “ not have enough for food and clothing ” The way is quite sexy and charming , And show slender legs . Now? , This kind of eye-catching “ not have enough for food and clothing ” Style also affects underage girls . have a look 14 Xing's dress at the airport , He was as bold as an adult “ Lost clothes ” My legs . Although her figure and legs really add a lot of points , But this dress is still too mature for her age . What do you think ?

Li Yan “ The clothes are missing ” Modeling appreciation

If you put Li Yan's age aside , Just looking at her appearance is a bonus . Tall and slender , She has too many advantages in dress matching . Even this kind of test of legs “ Lack of clothes ” Dressing method , There's no pressure on her . Although she only has 14 year , Growth and development are still improving , But her height ratio has almost caught up with her mother Faye Wong , Her slender legs are like “ Cartoon leg ” Just as charming , Wear big t T-shirt play “ not have enough for food and clothing ” Show the charm of long legs . People who are slightly fat , Especially those with thick legs , Don't try to , Because wearing bare legs directly does not modify the leg shape , Therefore, it will intuitively expose the disadvantage of thick legs . By comparison , Girls with thick legs are more suitable to wear pants or skirts that can cover their legs !

although “ not have enough for food and clothing ” Li Yan's dress is a little too mature , But her body charm adds a lot of points . And in clothing color , Her choice of color is in favor of youth and sunshine , To some extent, it weakens “ not have enough for food and clothing ” A sense of maturity . This fluorescent green t T-shirts are really eye-catching . It looks very energetic , It is also very suitable for girls at her stage . But this color is very skin color , It's hard for people with average skin color to wear its charm , Not to mention dark yellow people . Although Li Yan is still a minor , But her clothes are very high-grade , Especially in color matching . She uses fluorescent green t T-shirt with bright yellow bag . A combination of two gorgeous colors , It can reflect her white and bright , It can also show her sunshine and vitality .

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