"Wanrenfan" Chen Hao is getting plump, but his temperament is still unchanged. Lace clothes are too provocative

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wanrenfan chen hao getting plump

Girls are very good at grasping their own advantages , And enlarge it infinitely , So as to form their own style , Some girls choose pure desire 、 Some girls choose pure wind 、 Some girls choose sweet wind 、 Some girls choose sexy style .

As long as a girl is labeled sexy by everyone , People will always think of their sexy bodies and bold clothes , But this kind of sexy just stays on the surface , The real sexy is the charming temperament emanating from the bones , Even if there is no exposed wear , People will feel very elegant when they raise their hands and feet .

for instance “ The goddess of childhood ” Chen Hao ,“ People are fascinated ” Although Chen Hao is getting plump , But the temperament remains unchanged , Lace is too provocative , What does a female star look like when she gets fat ,“ People are fascinated ” Although Chen Hao's figure is fat , But the temperament is still there .

What style of clothes do sexy girls like to wear

▷ One shoulder Tulle suspender vest

If you want to be sexy , Then you need to choose more clothes . It's said that it's very popular to wear a combination of suspenders and straight shoulders , The overall shape of the clothes will be suspender style , Even deep V My neckline , At the same time, there will be a layer of gauze on the shoulders of the clothes .

As a decoration for a straight shoulder , Such a coat is not only sexy , It also has a hazy beauty and the charm of mature girls . If the upper body is sexy , You can choose a regular skirt for the bottom , The color can choose gem blue that looks elegant .

▷ deep V Suspender dress

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