Boy store's new special "I = u = we: you" surprised the cool dog on the line and transformed into a more powerful "you"

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boy store new special surprised

There's no need to rush , You don't have to shine , You don't have to be someone else , Just be yourself .8 month 20 Japan , Strength Youth League BOY STORY Album 《I=U=WE》 The second part of the planning trilogy 《I=U=WE: you 》 Cool dog music is on sale . From a boy to a teenager BOY STORY We will express our understanding of “ Everyone has multiple identities, just like multiple personalities , No matter what kind of experience is wonderful ” The understanding of the , Encourage the audience with music “ you ” Be sure of yourself , Don't care what others think of you , Just be yourself !

《I=U=WE: you 》 As BOY STORY《I=U=WE》 A part of the trilogy project ,BOY STORY Through the study of music creation , Gradually express the joys, sorrows and joys in the process of juvenile growth , As well as the growth feeling accompanied by the change of mood . This album is based on “ you ” For the theme of #xad;#xad; He wrote two songs hiphop The song of the wind , The prelude and the main song echo each other , Are conveying a belief : What I perceive “ you ” Different from what others see , I can understand what others can't understand , You don't need to hide yourself ,“ you ” Every identity 、 Every character has its own kind of people to perceive and understand , So don't make a fool of yourself , It's good to be yourself .

《Be Urself》 As the title song of the new album , It fully shows the various contradictions and collisions of teenagers in the process of growth , Don't feel inferior 、 Don't be too concerned about other people's opinions and lose yourself . Selected hiphop As a song style ,“ Stick to being yourself / be yourself Be Urself/Be Urself You don't need to be told what's right or wrong ” stay 808 Bass fresh and strong hip hop Sound On , Match with BOY STORY The unique clear and energetic voice expresses the need to find yourself and believe in your feelings .

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